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Sports and recreation center

  • Swimming pool (25x12x1.7m in size)
  • Fitness center
  • Four Finnish saunas
  • Infrared sauna
  • Phyto Bar
  • Gym

Operating mode

Tuesday - Sunday

08:00 - 14:00, 15:00 - 20:30



Contrast four-chamber bath
спа в Боровом

Contrast four-chamber bath

Four-chamber bath is another type of hydrotherapy offered in “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex, and it is based on the combined effect of water temperature on the arms and legs without immersing body in the water.

It is beneficial for the whole body: it stimulates blood and lymph circulation, increases the activity of metabolic processes in the tissues of the arms and legs; the procedure is especially effective for people with neurological disorders, and it also reduces pain and other signs of inflammation.

The four-chamber bath in “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex is used to treat the following ailments:

  • various types of arthritis, including reactive arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gouty arthritis, and etc;
  • deforming arthrosis;
  • vibration sickness (vasospastic hand disease, white finger syndrome, pseudo-Raynaud disease);
  • diabetes (diabetic polyneuropathy and arthropathy);
  • diseases of peripheral nervous system: neuralgia, neuritis, neuropathy, neuromyositis;
  • hypertension and symptomatic arterial hypertension;
  • atherosclerosis of the vessels of extremities, especially its initial stages;
  • rehabilitation and consequences of fractures of the limbs;
  • trophic disorders (without open ulcers and other damages to the skin).

Jet-contrast bath in “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex includes the massage of the extremities with water jets of different temperature. During the procedure the patient experiences physical and psychological relaxation.

“Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex offers this exclusive opportunity for treatment of diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.

Swimming pool in “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex

Swimming pool in “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex

Swimming does miracles with a human body. Below are a few facts in favor of relaxation that involves swimming. “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex has a swimming pool with four lanes.
Length – 25m.
Width – 12m.
Depth – 1,7 m.

Hours of operation:
Tuesday thru Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.
Lunch break 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.
Monday is a cleaning day.
Children under 3 are not allowed in the pool.
Children under 16 are allowed in the pool only if accompanied by their parents.

8 good reasons to start water therapy

Impressive results with little effort

Swimming is a great opportunity to exercise without causing unnecessary stress to joints and bones. In the pool the body becomes lighter. If you go into water waist-deep, the body will become twice lighter. And immersing up to your shoulders or neck will make you feel only 10% of your body weight, while the remaining 90% are held by water. To sum it up, a swimming pool is an ideal environment for sports, especially for those who suffer from arthritis or excess weight.

Muscle tone improvement

Swimming helps to significantly strengthen muscle tone and make muscles stronger, especially in comparison with other physical activities. For example, during a normal run the only resistance for the runner’s body is air of low density. Density of water is 12 times higher and any movement requires a lot of effort, so training in the water is much more effective.
In addition, swimming is particularly valuable for women: it fortifies bones that become fragile after menopause.


During swimming the joints and ligaments are in constant motion: circular arm movements train the shoulder joints, while smooth leg movements strengthen the knees and pelvic joints. Besides, swimming benefits spine: during swimming it stretches, misaligned vertebrae get back into place improving the spine’s mobility and flexibility.

Healthy heart

In addition to abs and triceps, swimming trains one more muscle, the most important one in our body – the heart. The exercise during training in the pool strengthens heart for it to perform its critical function: to contract and pump the blood, which leads to a significant improvement in the blood flow.
The studies have shown that swimming helps to combat internal inflammatory processes that often lead to cardiovascular diseases. Apart from that, swimming reduces the risk of development of the coronary heart disease among women by 30-40%.

Weight control

Swimming is recognized as one of the most energy-consuming sports, so, it is recommended for those who control or have just begun to control their weight. So, for example, 10 minutes of breaststroke swimming, on average, helps you to get rid of 60 calories; swimming on the back brings that figure to 80; freestyle makes you lose 100 calories within the same time span, while butterfly stroke beats them all – 150 calories off! Swimming for 30 minutes three times a week reduces the risk of type II diabetes in men by 10%. The scientific studies conducted among women showed even more impressive results: in order to reduce that risk by 16%, one 30-minute workout every 5 to 7 days is sufficient for women.

Asthma treatment

Optimal humidity in the pool makes swimming for asthma patients not only comfortable, but also helps them to fight attacks in the long run. A study conducted by scientists proved that children with asthma are much less likely to seek help after a 6-week training course. And many of them did not experience asthma attacks for a long time – for a year and even more. Even if you do not suffer from diseases of the respiratory system, it will be useful to know that swimming helps to increase lung capacity and helps you to breathe properly.

Lower cholesterol level

Believe it or not, but the body’s health is directly related to cholesterol or, to be exact, to the amount of cholesterol in the blood: the lower the level of the “good” cholesterol (HDL) and the higher the level of the “bad” (LDL) one, the worse we feel. Swimming helps to maintain a proper balance of lipoproteins in the blood and improves the condition of the blood and lymph vessels.

Improving brain activity and reducing stress

That’s another benefit of swimming which scientists associate with an increased production of the endorphins, “the hormones of joy”, that regulate our mental well-being directly. Besides, the relaxing effect of swimming can be compared to that of yoga: it also has a combination of exercises aimed at muscle and joint stretching along with proper breathing techniques. Swimming is close to meditation, because the sound of breathing water brings calmness and clears your head, and helps to concentrate too. In addition, during swimming, neurogenesis and nerve cells lost due to constant stress occurring in the body get restored. Swimming in the pool can solve many health problems and make you look more attractive.



Fitness room equipment in “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex

Fitness is not only about beauty and fashion: health is above it all! And that is exactly why “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex has an equipped fitness room for a comfortable workout all year round.

The gym has the following equipment:

  • Treadmills;
  • Power Plates;
  • Exercise bike;
  • The simulator for traction of the upper block;
  • Quadriceps exercising machine;
  • Sports equipment (fit balls, hoops, step platform, dumbbells, barbells, etc.).


Walking is often called the queen of exercises. First of all, it is the least traumatic kind of physical activity and there are no contraindications to it. Secondly, walking can be practiced at any age. And, finally, nothing is required for walking except your wish to walk. You can walk around the city, on the stairs, in the park and even in the apartment.

In “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex, there are terrenkurs of various lengths in the open air; and if the weather is not good, you can use a treadmill. The duration and intensity of this type of exercise is prescribed by the doctor.

Power Plates

Power Plate is new generation premium-class equipment that is highly effective, universal and safe for integrated training of the whole body. You can use almost 100% of the muscle fibers during training, thus accelerating the metabolic processes in the body. Its platform sends the energy impulses throughout the body, which contributes to a frequent muscle contraction (25-50 times per second). To compare, 15 minutes of training with a minimum load on a Power Plate equals 1 hour of intensive training on the conventional simulators.

Stationary bike

Exercising on a stationary bike offers an excellent general workout for your body. It brings the following results:

  • an increase of volume of the lungs, a healing effect for respiratory system,
  • general strengthening of the cardiovascular system, training of blood vessels and heart;
  • strengthening the immune system, developing endurance;
  • body shape correction.

Stationary bikes help to prevent cardiovascular disease, which is one of the most common causes of death at early age. Correct, regular exercises also produce a beneficial effect on blood pressure; they prevent hypertension, thromboembolism, heart attack, etc.

Moreover, the level of physical training of your body increases resistance to infectious diseases.

Upper Block Traction simulator

This simulator is used to train the back, especially the broadest muscle of back. This is an auxiliary breathing muscle that helps to expand chest during breathing, and helps your arms and shoulders to work under load such as swimming. Apart from that, powered muscles of the back contribute to a beautiful posture, properly curved spine, fewer headaches and many more benefits for health, body shape and beauty.

Before using the simulator, read the instructions explaining how to perform the exercises to avoid any micro trauma. And do not get carried away by using a lot of weight.

Quadriceps simulator

The quadriceps muscle of thigh – quadriceps – is one of the largest in the human body. It occupies the entire front part of the thigh. The main function of quadriceps is knee extension and, partially, hip extension. This muscle supports the joints and ligaments in the legs throughout the day, so it is necessary to train with low weight, especially during rehabilitation after leg fractures. This allows the muscle to regain its strength and elasticity. The key to such training is to use light weight. Otherwise you may hurt yourself.

Sports equipment

An exercise ball is a special ball designed to perform a large number of physical exercises. It was originally developed by a Swiss physiotherapist for people with back problems. An exercise ball helped to strengthen back muscles, recover from injuries and surgeries, and improve posture. Today, it is used everywhere – in fitness centers and during home workouts.

A fitness room in “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex is also equipped with dumbbells, barbells, hoops and other standard pieces of sports equipment.



Turkish bath – hamam

The history of hamam dates back centuries and begins with the Roman hot baths. It was a bath with a lot of steam, and the air temperature varied between 35 and 50 degrees C. What characterizes the Turkish bath is its high humidity: the steam usually brings the humidity level up to 100%, which creates a mild microclimate in the bathhouse. Instead of the wooden plank beds, for hamam they use marble slabs. The slabs get heated by the steam and gently transfer the accumulated heat to the body, softly and deeply warming it through. That’s why hamam is very beneficial, especially for women.

What are the benefits of the Turkish bath?

In many ways, the Turkish bath is much more useful than the Russian or Finnish bath. Firstly, there are no as many contraindications to the Turkish bath as to the ones with high temperature of steaming. Secondly, a high humidity level expands the range of beneficial effects of hamam.

Beneficial effects of hamam:

  • Clears and normalizes the sebaceous glands;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Removes toxins;
  • Accelerates recovery from the diseases of the respiratory system, stronger immune system;
  • Improves health in people with musculoskeletal system disorders;
  • Reduces stress levels, helps to sleep better, combats depression and insomnia;
  • Moisturizes, tightens and improves overall skin condition.

Hamam for skin treatment

In hamam the effect of the cosmetic procedure is many times more intense. Due to a high level of humidity, sensitive skin gets cleared with very little effort, and cleansing of oily skin occurs much deeper; the sebaceous glands get cleared and the sebum secretion restores. Dry skin becomes intensively moisturized, gains elasticity, and appears softer and tighter.

Hamam and rejuvenation

The effect of rejuvenation is achieved by boosting metabolism and cleansing the body of waste products – the toxins.

Turkish bath for blood circulation

The soft steam of the Turkish bath eliminates congestion and swelling. The steam expands blood vessels and capillaries, increases the lymph flow, improves blood circulation, and increases the blood flow from the internal organs. Increased blood circulation makes any congestion and swelling disappear.

The benefits of hamam for respiratory system

The Turkish bath is effective for people who experience respiratory problems on the regular basis. Extended periods of heating on the marble slabs accelerate recovery and strengthen the immune system.

Hamam for joints and musculoskeletal system

The agonizing pains of arthritis, rheumatism, osteochondrosis and muscle strain recede with regular visits to the Turkish bath. A visit to hamam is recommended for athletes to accelerate elimination of lactic acid from the muscles.

Turkish bath for nervous system

Turkish bath is an hours-long pleasure. Physical effects of the heat, the steam, the atmosphere and cosmetic procedures make your body fall into a sweet bliss of pleasure; all problems go away, and your mood improves. Hamam is also recommended for women suffering from migraines.


But despite an endless list of healthy properties and positive effect, visiting hamam, just like visiting any bathhouse, has a few contraindications. And remember that everything is good in moderation. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the instructions of the doctors of “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex for your safety.



Sauna and its benefits

Saunas and baths have gained popularity due to the fact that after visiting them we feel better, lighter, and younger. Sauna not only makes you feel lighter, but also helps to antagonize a number of diseases and ailments.

Nervous system

The studies have shown that after 10 minutes of sweating in a sauna, the motor response and coordination increase, while a 20-minute session does the opposite. This means that the nervous system is in a relaxed state and triggers recovery processes. On top of that, sauna affects emotions. An important role here belongs to the interior design, organizational details and other additional procedures, and even the company you go to a sauna with.

Cardiovascular system

A sweat session in a sauna triggers a positive reaction of the heart, but when you are in a sauna for a long time, you may experience dizziness and heart palpitations, while in the brain an increased blood flow in vessels occurs.

After a proper sweat session in a sauna, the condition of the cardiovascular system returns to normal, if you make your body relax for 15 minutes.


Thermal effect of sauna reduces the muscle tone and tension in the muscles making them more elastic and softening the connective tissue.


In a sauna, under the influence of heat, breathing quickens and the lung volume increases by an average of 100 ml. If you have flu, and there is sputum in the lungs, sauna will accelerate your recovery. And if you add ester of eucalyptus, pine needles or mint to the steam, such sauna session will have the same effect as inhalation.


In a sauna, the skin temperature can go up to 41-42 degrees and even higher. It activates thermoregulation mechanisms and enhances sweating, blood circulation, skin sensitivity and respiratory activity. All these processes improve the functions of our skin: thermoregulatory, respiratory, protective, tactile, and excretory, which in its turn boosts the function of the internal organs, trains body’s immune system and prevents illnesses.


A person loses weight in a sauna mainly due to moisture loss. The intensity of this process depends on the time spent inside, the temperature and the humidity level, the state of health and individual characteristics of the body. Today, you can find a lot of published expert recommendations on how to lose weight and how to maintain normal weight. The next most effective way to lose weight – after dieting – is sports and sauna.

But as for using sauna, you need to remember that excessive weight loss can be dangerous for your health.

Immune system and prevention of illnesses

A properly done sweat session in a sauna reduces blood pressure in hypertensive patients, improves well-being of those suffering from kidney diseases, and regulates metabolism as well. For treatment of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems, such as osteochondrosis, radiculitis, chronic polyarthritis, a combination of sweat sessions with massage would be effective.

Sauna relieves fatigue, reduces anxiety and improves mood. Due to the fact that many life processes of the body are accelerated in a sauna, healing of injuries of soft tissues and joints occurs sooner.

Take note of how you feel the morning after your sauna session. If you feel light and cheerful, at least lighter and more cheerful than usual, it means that the procedure was done correctly. If your health does not change or changes for the worse, it indicates that you either did something wrong or chose a bad sauna.

Contraindications: some cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, breathing problems, acute diseases, pregnancy, etc.

We strongly recommend that you follow all the instructions of the doctors of “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex during your sauna sessions to obtain the maximum results.

Infrared sauna

Infrared sauna

Infrared sauna in “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex

Infrared sauna is a new type of sauna which has been gaining popularity. On the outside an infrared sauna has little in common with a regular sauna. It is a small cabin equipped with the infrared heaters.

In infrared saunas the heating occurs due to thermal radiation of the infrared heaters. It feels like a soft heat that heats the body itself rather than the air around the body. The heat waves penetrate the body almost 10 times deeper than the heat in a regular Finnish sauna. It causes increased sweating which removes toxins more actively. In a regular steam room the body releases 95% of water and only 5% of waste products. In an infrared sauna there are 4 times more released toxins and fats with the same intensity of perspiration.

The healing effect of the infrared sauna

  • The studies have shown that an infrared sauna has a wide range of benefits for the body:
  • it strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
  • improves blood circulation and metabolism;
  • lowers cholesterol;
  • decreases anxiety, depression, rids of insomnia;
  • improves brain activity and memory due to an increased oxygen flow to the brain;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • restores damaged bones and soft tissues;
  • accelerates removal of lactic acid from the muscles after intensive workouts;
  • eliminates pain symptoms;
  • helps to lose weight and get rid of cellulite;
  • removes skin imperfections: acne, dermatitis, etc .;
  • improves chronic ENT diseases.

Session duration

As we like to say – enough is as good as a feast. Any medical or wellness procedure can do harm, if you use it more than recommended, and the infrared sauna is no exception. The doctors of “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex recommend staying in the IR (infrared) sauna for no more than 20-30 minutes. If you have problems with cardiovascular or nervous system, the recommended time in the sauna is 5-10 minutes. It is best to have shorter sessions but do them more frequently.




Going to the gym is a highly effective method for prevention of premature aging, strengthening the immune system and just a fun place to spend your pastime actively.

The gym in “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex is equipped with a volleyball net, mini-football post, baskets for basketball and balls for all of the abovementioned sports. The sports field features markings for various sports.

The dimensions of the gym hall:

  • The length is 38 m.
  • The width is 24 m.

The hall is suitable for corporate teambuilding events and competitions at any time of the year.

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