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New Year in «Okzhetpes»

There are 60 days left until the New Year.

If you are looking for ideas for New Year’s holidays, then «Ok-Zhetpes» offers You to spend a useful, pleasant and healthy vacation with your loved ones.

You can get more detailed information by phone:



Assemble a team and win our employees!

Every Monday, our «Okzhetpes» volleyball team is ready to play with anyone.

If you are a fan of this exciting sports game, come to the gym today at 18:00.

The main prize is a good mood!


Wellness with comfort

In the autumn-winter period, you want so much warmth and comfort!

What could be better in cool weather than to warm up in a hot sauna? And what if you complement a pleasant and useful procedure by swimming in a refreshing pool? And then to drink medicinal herbal tea in a phytobar?

The sports and wellness complex of our sanatorium is at your service:

  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness room
  • Four Finnish saunas
  • Infrared beam sauna
  • Phyto bar
  • Gym

We are waiting for recovery!


What makes the sanatorium “Okzhetpes” unique?

Location – on the shore of the most beautiful of the lakes of the Shchuchinsk-Burabay resort area;

Radon therapy — using radon water from its own source;

It operates year-round and has a number of rooms for 173 vacationers. That means you have 365 days a year to get to us!

It has physiotherapy rooms, a typical hydrotherapy and shower room, mud baths, urological, dental, massage and treatment rooms;

It has a powerful tool base that allows you to monitor the effectiveness and safety of the therapy;

Offers the most important monitoring methods – ultrasound, functional, electrocardiographic, laboratory diagnostics;

Most importantly, Okzhetpes has been awarded the European Quality International award for striving to achieve high quality services in accordance with European standards.

We are waiting for you at the «Okzhetpes» Health and wellness complex!


Inhalation of the respiratory tract

Autumn is the time for colds and flu, and in order to avoid all the “charms” of this season, we advise you to do respiratory inhalation more often.

Inhalations are especially relevant and useful as part of rehabilitation after coronavirus infection.

As therapeutic components, we use herbs, mineral water, essential oils.

You can take a course of inhalations in combination with other rehabilitation procedures in our complex.

You can find out about the availability and book by phone:

+7(702)059 20 20


Our star guests

The famous film actor Zhan Baizhanbaev is on a health-improving vacation with us. You can watch the video review at the link below https://www.instagram.com/p/CVKnTDaD8Sx/

Thank you for your attention, kind words, sincere wishes!

We will wait for you again!


Checklist: what to take with you to the sanatorium?

We have prepared for you a list of necessary things for a wellness holiday. Don’t forget to save!

  • Documents (identity card, spa card, adults and children from 5 years old with a negative COVID-19 PCR test, valid for no more than 3 days.
  • Children under 5 years of age — a certificate of the epidemiological environment from the district pediatrician and a birth certificate)
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes (tracksuit, jeans, sneakers, slippers and slates for the pool)
  • Hygiene supplies (toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo, comb, shaving accessories)
  • Chargers, camera (optional)

With care for you «Ok-Zhetpes»!



Just look at these magical shots! Being in nature is not only pleasant, but also healthy!

We invite you to enjoy not only the stunningly beautiful, but also the healing landscapes of our health resort!

Be inspired by the beauty of nature, walk in the fresh air more often and be healthy!

With care for you «Okzhetpes» health and wellness complex!


Swimming pool in the sanatorium

One of the best places to relax, relieve tension and restore vitality is the swimming pool. Especially if the pool is spacious, as we have a bright one with a good water temperature.

We have a swimming pool with four lanes.

Length – 25m.

Width – 12m.

Depth – 1,7 m.

Working schedule:

From Tuesday to Sunday from 08:00 to 20:30.

Lunch break 14:00 – 15:00.

Monday is a sanitary day.

Children under 3 years old are not allowed to enter the pool.

Children under 16 years of age are allowed to enter the pool only accompanied by their parents.

Contacts of the booking department:

+7 702 059 20 20


International Day of the Elderly.

On the International Day of the Elderly, the staff of our complex visited pensioners and conveyed congratulations from the management.

* The first photo shows a pensioner Klara Shaimerdenova. She worked for 15 years in our complex as a general practitioner in the treatment and rehabilitation department.

* The next photo shows the Ergaliev family. The spouse has worked as a driver for about 20 years, and the wife has been a nurse for more than 30 years.

Visiting our esteemed pensioners is an annual tradition on the eve of an international holiday.

Thank you for your contribution to the development of our complex !

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