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Turkish bath – hamam

The history of hamam dates back centuries and begins with the Roman hot baths. It was a bath with a lot of steam, and the air temperature varied between 35 and 50 degrees C. What characterizes the Turkish bath is its high humidity: the steam usually brings the humidity level up to 100%, which creates a mild microclimate in the bathhouse. Instead of the wooden plank beds, for hamam they use marble slabs. The slabs get heated by the steam and gently transfer the accumulated heat to the body, softly and deeply warming it through. That’s why hamam is very beneficial, especially for women.

What are the benefits of the Turkish bath?

In many ways, the Turkish bath is much more useful than the Russian or Finnish bath. Firstly, there are no as many contraindications to the Turkish bath as to the ones with high temperature of steaming. Secondly, a high humidity level expands the range of beneficial effects of hamam.

Beneficial effects of hamam:

  • Clears and normalizes the sebaceous glands;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Removes toxins;
  • Accelerates recovery from the diseases of the respiratory system, stronger immune system;
  • Improves health in people with musculoskeletal system disorders;
  • Reduces stress levels, helps to sleep better, combats depression and insomnia;
  • Moisturizes, tightens and improves overall skin condition.

Hamam for skin treatment

In hamam the effect of the cosmetic procedure is many times more intense. Due to a high level of humidity, sensitive skin gets cleared with very little effort, and cleansing of oily skin occurs much deeper; the sebaceous glands get cleared and the sebum secretion restores. Dry skin becomes intensively moisturized, gains elasticity, and appears softer and tighter.

Hamam and rejuvenation

The effect of rejuvenation is achieved by boosting metabolism and cleansing the body of waste products – the toxins.

Turkish bath for blood circulation

The soft steam of the Turkish bath eliminates congestion and swelling. The steam expands blood vessels and capillaries, increases the lymph flow, improves blood circulation, and increases the blood flow from the internal organs. Increased blood circulation makes any congestion and swelling disappear.

The benefits of hamam for respiratory system

The Turkish bath is effective for people who experience respiratory problems on the regular basis. Extended periods of heating on the marble slabs accelerate recovery and strengthen the immune system.

Hamam for joints and musculoskeletal system

The agonizing pains of arthritis, rheumatism, osteochondrosis and muscle strain recede with regular visits to the Turkish bath. A visit to hamam is recommended for athletes to accelerate elimination of lactic acid from the muscles.

Turkish bath for nervous system

Turkish bath is an hours-long pleasure. Physical effects of the heat, the steam, the atmosphere and cosmetic procedures make your body fall into a sweet bliss of pleasure; all problems go away, and your mood improves. Hamam is also recommended for women suffering from migraines.


But despite an endless list of healthy properties and positive effect, visiting hamam, just like visiting any bathhouse, has a few contraindications. And remember that everything is good in moderation. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the instructions of the doctors of “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex for your safety.

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