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Sauna and its benefits

Saunas and baths have gained popularity due to the fact that after visiting them we feel better, lighter, and younger. Sauna not only makes you feel lighter, but also helps to antagonize a number of diseases and ailments.

Nervous system

The studies have shown that after 10 minutes of sweating in a sauna, the motor response and coordination increase, while a 20-minute session does the opposite. This means that the nervous system is in a relaxed state and triggers recovery processes. On top of that, sauna affects emotions. An important role here belongs to the interior design, organizational details and other additional procedures, and even the company you go to a sauna with.

Cardiovascular system

A sweat session in a sauna triggers a positive reaction of the heart, but when you are in a sauna for a long time, you may experience dizziness and heart palpitations, while in the brain an increased blood flow in vessels occurs.

After a proper sweat session in a sauna, the condition of the cardiovascular system returns to normal, if you make your body relax for 15 minutes.


Thermal effect of sauna reduces the muscle tone and tension in the muscles making them more elastic and softening the connective tissue.


In a sauna, under the influence of heat, breathing quickens and the lung volume increases by an average of 100 ml. If you have flu, and there is sputum in the lungs, sauna will accelerate your recovery. And if you add ester of eucalyptus, pine needles or mint to the steam, such sauna session will have the same effect as inhalation.


In a sauna, the skin temperature can go up to 41-42 degrees and even higher. It activates thermoregulation mechanisms and enhances sweating, blood circulation, skin sensitivity and respiratory activity. All these processes improve the functions of our skin: thermoregulatory, respiratory, protective, tactile, and excretory, which in its turn boosts the function of the internal organs, trains body’s immune system and prevents illnesses.


A person loses weight in a sauna mainly due to moisture loss. The intensity of this process depends on the time spent inside, the temperature and the humidity level, the state of health and individual characteristics of the body. Today, you can find a lot of published expert recommendations on how to lose weight and how to maintain normal weight. The next most effective way to lose weight – after dieting – is sports and sauna.

But as for using sauna, you need to remember that excessive weight loss can be dangerous for your health.

Immune system and prevention of illnesses

A properly done sweat session in a sauna reduces blood pressure in hypertensive patients, improves well-being of those suffering from kidney diseases, and regulates metabolism as well. For treatment of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems, such as osteochondrosis, radiculitis, chronic polyarthritis, a combination of sweat sessions with massage would be effective.

Sauna relieves fatigue, reduces anxiety and improves mood. Due to the fact that many life processes of the body are accelerated in a sauna, healing of injuries of soft tissues and joints occurs sooner.

Take note of how you feel the morning after your sauna session. If you feel light and cheerful, at least lighter and more cheerful than usual, it means that the procedure was done correctly. If your health does not change or changes for the worse, it indicates that you either did something wrong or chose a bad sauna.

Contraindications: some cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, breathing problems, acute diseases, pregnancy, etc.

We strongly recommend that you follow all the instructions of the doctors of “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex during your sauna sessions to obtain the maximum results.

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