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Berkinbaev Kairat Sheralyevich

- the President of JSC “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex of the Medical Center of the Administrative Office of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex of the Medical Center of the Office of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan welcomes you to our official website!

Our health and wellness complex has been operating for over 55 years.

It is an impressive amount of time, and that’s why “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex proudly celebrates its anniversary. Looking back at the history: in 1964 there was one three-storey building and rooms without amenities... But look at it today! You must agree: a lot has been done! New medical facilities and housing for employees have been erected, and the complex itself is now equipped with the latest and very effective medical equipment. The achievements in successful organization of health treatment in our health and wellness complex have received international awards. We have a lot to be proud of today, and there is more to pursue in the future.

The main advantage of “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex is its location in the heart of the pearl of Kazakhstan – Burabay – on the bank of one of the most beautiful lakes of the Shchuchinsk-Burabay resort area. Rising nearby are the most unique natural attractions – Burabay’s prettiest landmarks – the fabulous cliffs Okzhetpes and Zhumbaktas. A three-minute walk through the dense pine forest takes you to the legendary glade of Ablai Khan.

The main goal of “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex is to provide medical and health treatment services to both the residents and guests of our Republic who wish to visit our bountiful, historically picturesque area.

The information about how you can relax in an upscale environment, types of treatments, pricing and rules of stay is available on our website and you can also find it on social networks. A qualified team of specialists of “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex will answer every single question you might have.

The history and growth of “Ok-zhetpes” resort

“Yasnaya Polyana” resort. 1965

On December 26, 1960, by Decree of the Central Committee of the CPSU dated December 26, 1960, the virgin lands were formed as a part of the Kazakh SSR, occupying 21% of the total area of the Republic. It included five regions. It was a result of a large-scale state project aimed at the reclamation of virgin and laylands. The virgin land existed for 5 years and by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR dated October 19, 1965 the project was abolished. In 1964 for the employees of the virgin lands of the Executive Committee on the territory of Borovoe forestry farm they designed and later built a resort (boarding house) on the shore of Lake Borovoe, in one of the most picturesque places of the resort area. And that served as the foundation for “Yasnaya Polyana” climatic resort established in 1966. The name did not yet exist back then. In May of 1965, by the decision of the Shchuchinsky District Party Committee and the Regional Executive Committee of the virgin lands and the Shchuchinsky District Party Committee, Usatov Stepan Stepanovich was appointed the director of the resort. The resort building had an unusual design and at that time it looked like a three-storey box made of large-panel structures. All the treatment rooms, the balneary and the dining room were located on the first floor of the building. This building was a gift to virgin lands from Moscow. On the opening day the resort was visited by the representatives from Moscow, the first leaders of the region, the regional committee, the district party committee, the representatives of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan. On the same day they had an informal dinner where they discussed the future name of the resort; among the proposed names were “Botagoz”, “Sphinx”, “Ok-zhetpes”, but they let the appointed director make the choice. Stepan Stepanovich decided to name the resort “Yasnaya Polyana” due to the fact that the building stood on a small well-lit meadow (polyana). After all, the place had been carrying that name since the 19th century.

A few days later the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan D. A. Kunaev paid a visit to the resort and approved of the resort name.

The first Director of the resort Usatov S. S. and the Head Physician of “Ok-Zhetpes” Akmurzin A. A. 2007

Within a month, a team of 47 people was formed, and it included three doctors and seven nurses. Later on, the resort received the medical equipment, furniture, paintings, dishes for its catering facility, 7 new automobiles and etc. The building was designed for 100 beds, but some rooms were reserved for the administration and medical unit; there were 8 first-class rooms, and the rest were 2-bed rooms without amenities. So, the accommodation was intended for 80 visitors.

Dining experience was at top level: a highly qualified chef was invited from Almaty to take charge of the kitchen. In 1966 a four-apartment wooden house was built on the territory of the resort for its employees.

Conversation with vacationers. 1966

Later on, in 1974, considering that the resort was isolated, they commissioned a 32-apartment building for the personnel on its territory. And in 1975 the first residential building containing 60 apartments was built in Borovoe village for the employees of the resort. Trip vouchers and referrals to the resort were issued by the regional executive committee. The majority of guests of the resort were the employees of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan, the Council of Ministers, the first secretaries of the regional committees, and the chairmen of the regional executive committees. In 1967, the Doctor of Medical Science Roza Ivanovna Ivashchenko was appointed the Director of the resort, and she occupied that position until 1977. A lot was accomplished then: in 1968 the building of the club was erected – it was the dining room for 140 seats; and, subsequently, the garage and the boiler room were built. In 1972 a separate medical building was commissioned, it housed a service room and diagnostic and treatment rooms. The resort itself was repurposed into a climatic balneary and could host up to 120 visitors all year round. For therapeutic purposes, local natural factors were used – the mineral water of Lake Mai-Balyk and the mud of Lake Balpash-Sor. The healing properties of Borovoe lakes were known long before the laboratory studies.

According to some historical notes, old Kazakhs used to come here from remote locations to treat rheumatism and skin diseases. In 1894 Doctor N.V. Sobolev took samples of the water and mud of Lake Zhanibek-Sor and tested them in the laboratory of the Omsk Medical Society; in 1895 he made a report on their chemical composition. And more recently the scientific team of the North Kazakhstan Geological and Geophysical Laboratory conducted a detailed analysis of the physicochemical properties of the mineral water of Lake Mai-Balyk and the mud of Lake Balpash-Sor. The doctors of the resort (Ivashchenko R.I., Chernova V.M., Tolstikova O.P.) for the first time developed a list of indications and contraindications for application of mineral bath and mud therapy, and the duration of treatment.

In the early 1980s a construction of a new, seven-storey block with comfortable rooms began. In 1982 after opening the newly constructed building, the resort was re-named into “Ok-Zhetpes”.

D. A. Kunaev visits the resort. 1980-s.

From July of 2001 through March of 2003 the health and wellness complex was under overall reconstruction.

Completion of the reconstruction of resort and its Grand opening. 2002

Honored guests of “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex

The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev
The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation S. Ivanov.

The President of the Russian Federation B.N. Yeltsin and his wife.

Today, “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex operates all year round and offers rooms for 173 visitors: it is a health resort that is open 365 days.

In 2006 the General Assembly of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy in Andorra awarded “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex naming it the “Best Resort in the World” for its successful organization of spa treatment as well as for its active scientific work among all world health organizations. In 2011 the resort introduced a new medical service – radonotherapy with use of the radon water from its own spring. In May of 2012, the British Institute of Directors of London (Great Britain) acknowledged our health and wellness complex with the European Quality Award for aspiration to achieve high quality services in accordance with the European standards.

The Award “The best resort in the world”. 2006
Notes of acknowledgment from the US Army.

The International European Quality Award for “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex by the British Institute of Directors in 2012.

“Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex is a climatic and balneological complex that operates all year round. The unique natural factors such as clean air of the pine forest, therapeutic mud of Lake Balpash-Sor and “May Balyk” mineral water, pantotherapy, radonotherapy, koumiss therapy, “Kulager-Arasan” mineral water, together with modern diagnostic and treatment tools make it possible to heal and rehabilitate a wide range of diseases of cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal systems, digestion, blood circulation, endocrine and nervous systems, urological and gynecological diseases.

Our health and wellness complex implemented a quality management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. Certification has been carried out by a German company TUV CERT.

International forum “Shipazhai-2017”
Opening of the radon water spring by V.V. Benberin and A.N. Razumov

In April of 2017, JSC “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex” hosted “Shipazhai” annual international practical forum that brought together the representatives of more than 10 countries of the CIS and Europe. The main event during the forum was the opening of our own radon water spring.

On July 27 of 2017, the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 450 restructured the Joint Stock Company “Ok-Zhetpes” health and wellness complex” and the Joint Stock Company “Almaty Resort”. The resort “Almaty Resort” was transformed into a branch of JSC “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex” “the Almaty branch”. The resort “Kazakhstan” located in Essentuki, the Russian Federation, integrated with JSC “Ok-Zhetpes” health and wellness complex” and became its subsidiary undertaking.

Today, JSC “Ok-Zhetpes” health and wellness complex” combines the best health resorts of our country under its brand. The entire chain offers 367 rooms of various types. The medical blocks have the best personnel and are equipped with the latest medical equipment.

We look forward to seeing you in “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex!

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