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Open meeting of the Managing Director of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the staff of the sanatorium

An open meeting of the Managing Director of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aibek Dadebayev with the staff of the sanatorium took place today.
During the meeting, our employees shared their opinions, talked about the problems they face in their daily work and received answers to many questions.
Also, the head of the UDP Medical Center and the deputy akim of the Akmola region took part in the open meeting.
You can read more information on the official channel of the Manager: https://t.me/udp_dadebayev/169


Healing gymnastics

How often in the morning do you think about “waking up” your body with gymnastics!?
We took care of our guests and every day at 11:00 am (except Sunday) we have therapeutic gymnastics classes, which is conducted by a specialist with many years of experience.
Morning gymnastics will be useful for people of different ages, children.
During the procedure, metabolic processes are activated, edema is removed faster, blood and lymph flow improves, the work of glands and body systems is activated.
In our sanatorium, morning gymnastics is carried out taking into account the state of health of guests, so it brings only benefits and positive emotions for the whole day!


To our favorite readers!

Dear friends, subscribers, colleagues!
Today we would like to say our sincere gratitude for each of your likes, comments left, your remarks and suggestions.
We all see, read and sincerely enjoy the response that our work is beneficial.
We would like to wish you good health and positive emotions, and we are always there to help you with this!


Anti-corruption prevention

Anti-corruption events with employees are often held in the sanatorium. Today, at a regular meeting, they talked about anti-corruption and legislation.
Questions on compliance with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Public Procurement”, budget legislation, financial discipline are constantly heard at the planning meeting.
You can find more details in the document below.


Happy Medical Worker’s Day!

Today, our complex hosted a ceremonial awarding of employees in honor of the day of the medical worker.
The Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan was awarded the medal “Veteran of Labor” by the head of the medical and rehabilitation department Konopleva Lyubov. Work experience in the field of healthcare is 42 years, 5 of which work in our sanatorium.
We wish all medical workers professional success in such a difficult and important work!


How are procedures prescribed?

All procedures are prescribed individually, after checkup by the attending physician immediately upon arrival at the sanatorium. If you have recently passed any tests, then do not forget to take them with you.
• In this list there are all procedures that are included in the price of the voucher
• The time and date of the procedures will be indicated on your sanatorium card
See you at the health and wellness complex! If you have any additional questions, you can contact the booking department at +7702 059 2020.


ҚР Президентінің Іс Басқарушысы шипажай ұжымымен кездесті

Бүгін ҚР Президентінің Іс Басқарушысы Айбек Арқабайұлы Дәдебаев шипажай ұжымымен кездесті.
Кездесу барысында қызметкерлеріміз толғандырған сұрақтарын қойып, ой-пікірлерімен бөлісіп, біршама мәселелерін ортаға салып, басшылық тарапынан жауап алды.
Сонымен қатар кездесуге ПІБ Медициналық орталығының басшысы мен Ақмола облысы әкімінің орынбасары қатысты.
Шипажайымыздың жұмысымен танысып, бізбен жүздесуге келген Президент Іс Басқарушысы Айбек Арқабайұлы Дәдебаев пен басқарманың барша қызметкерлеріне алғысымызды білдіреміз!


The referendum

Today in our sanatorium the guests have made their choice.
Since 7 o’clock in the morning, we have opened our doors to all interested voters. The first person who came to cast his vote was Mount Zhaksybai, who fulfilled his civic duty, and we, for our part, presented a memorable souvenir. The last person who voted today will also receive a memorable gift.
At the moment, 158 people have voted among the guests of our sanatorium. We are proud of our citizens for a responsible approach in choosing our future!


Day of State Symbols

The state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan were adopted on June 4, 1992. Symbols of independence of our Republic, symbols of our status.
Today, the workers of our sanatorium sang the anthem and took part in the parade at the foot of Mount Burabai. This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the symbols of Independence of Kazakhstan. Peace to our land, let the anthem sound in every house, the flag develops, the coat of arms always shines!


Special guests of our complex

Today, 160 children and parents who are under the care of the “Kulynshak” Charitable Foundation have become honorary guests of the Okzhetpes sanatorium.
For special children, the staff of the sanatorium covered the dastarkhan, organized a small concert program, prepared presents in honor of the International Children’s Day.

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