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There are a lot of holidays in December. The most magical, the most unforgettable,
the most fabulous of them is, of course, the New Year.
If you are looking for ideas for New Year's Eve celebrations, then Okzhetpes offers
you the following options for a healthy and healthy holiday with your loved ones.

Winter entertainment. In addition to health improvement, everyone can spend time
actively at Okzhetpes. Skiing, Nordic walking, roller coasters, terraced walks and
much more are available for each of our guests!

SPA-recovery before busy holidays. The price of accommodation at Okzhetpes
includes access to the swimming pool, fitness room, Finnish and infrared saunas,
phyto-bar and gym. In addition, there are a number of various SPA treatments that
are not included in the price.

Accommodation in the sanatorium "Okzhetpes". The very accommodation, food
and the uniquely clean air of Borovoye can increase your tone and improve your
well-being! The room fund "Okzhetpes" has standard, luxury and family rooms
with a cozy interior and a wonderful view!

Salt room in "Okzhetpes". The salt room is absolutely harmless, so the procedure
can be obtained even for pregnant women and young children to prevent viral

To book a room and get more information, please call:
+7 (702) 059 20 20



JSC "Okzhetpes" congratulates you on the national holiday – Independence Day of
the Republic of Kazakhstan!
Independence is a great day that our people have dreamed of for many centuries.
May your faith, hope and love for your native land, faith in your strength and
energy not run out, may your good deeds bring glory to our great Motherland!
"Okzhetpes" wishes every citizen of Kazakhstan happiness, good health, peace,
prosperity, mutual understanding and harmony, faith in the future!


The new president of “Ok-Zhetpes” ESK JSC was appointed

By order of the head of the Office of the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yakov Sterligov was appointed president of JSC Medical Center “OK-Zhetpes” medical and health complex of the Office of the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
December 12, 2022,the head of the Medical Center of the Office of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Alexey Tsoi, presented the new President, Yakov Sterligov, to the staff of the JSC “Medical and Wellness Complex MWC “Ok-Zhetpes” of the Medical Center of the Office of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Sterligov Yakov previously held the position of director of the “AlmatyResort” sanatorium, a branch of the “ Ok-Zhetpes” MWC
In 2019-2022, he held the position of vice-president for general affairs of JSC ESC “OK-Zhetpes”.
Lawyer by profession, international journalist. He knows three languages, he can speak Kazakh and Russian languages ​​fluently

Please accept our sincere congratulations on your election to the post of President of three sanatoriums belonging to JSC LOK Ok-Zhetpes. Good luck!



The modes of operation of the human body in the cold seasons are significantly
different. Nutrition is also an important part of our body's work. We present you
some tips on nutrition in the cold season.

Tip #1. Don't starve!
The caloric content of winter food should be higher than that of summer. This
should be achieved by increasing the consumption of fish, poultry, meat dishes, i.e.
with a high content of "heavy proteins". Of course, you can't do without
carbohydrates in winter. Their exclusion from the diet threatens to reduce
immunity and the possibility of easily catching colds viral diseases.
Tip #2. Vitamins and vitamins again!
It is necessary to include vitamin-rich foods in your diet. Do not lose sight of
vitamins A and E. In winter, they also play a big role, in particular, vitamin E helps
protect the skin from wind and frost.

Tip #3. Don't forget to drink water!
Even in winter, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of liquid, and not less than a
liter of pure water from them. The rest of the liquid can be in the form of
compotes, infusions or warm teas.
Tip #4. Hot is a must!
Be sure to eat hot dishes or warm drinks. If you have to have a snack on the go, it
is advisable to wash down the food with warm tea.
Tip #5. Variety!
Try to make the menu as diverse as possible. It is advisable to alternate products
daily. Such a variety of dishes and the fractional principle of eating will give your
body enough energy for active life in the winter season.
With care for your health and with love for you, "Okzhetpes".



The competition "The best employee" was held on December 2 in the cinema hall of the health and
wellness complex with the invitation of employees and vacationers of the sanatorium.
4 applications were submitted to participate in the "Best Employee" competition: Nurova Ziyagul is a
nurse, Yeralina Dinara is a sports instructor, Aimahan Gulnur is an event manager, Batina Elmira is a
Summing up the results of the competition was on a 5-point system, by open voting after each type of
competition. The commission – jury calculated the points received by the contestants and summed up the
The winner of the competition – "The best employee" was sports instructor Yeralina Dinara, she was
awarded a diploma and a cash certificate in the amount of 60,000 tenge, for active participation in the
competition and according to the points received, event manager Aimahan Gulnur was the second, she
was awarded a diploma and a cash certificate in the amount of 20,000 tenge, also 3rd and 4th places
according to the scores of nurse Nurova Ziyagul Gabidenovna and maid Batina Elmira Erlanovna, who
were awarded diplomas for participation and cash certificates of 10,000 tenge.



The approach of the new year is felt! Thank you for the incredible evening shots of our guests! We are waiting for you again!

One of the important parts of the cultural recreation of the guests of our sanatorium is the organization of leisure.  In your free time, you can:

Play billiards; There are 4 billiard tables at your disposal.

Watch a movie; Cinema hall schedule: Cartoons at 17:00. Screening of films at 20:00

Read a book; There is a library in the sanatorium. Open daily from 9:00 to 17:00

Take a walk around the terrencourt;

Sign up for the pool;

Visit SPA treatments.

We are waiting for you for beauty and health!

+7(702) 059 20 20



The sanatorium’s swimming pool is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 08:00 to 20:30. Lunch break 14:00 – 15:00.

The water temperature is 27 degrees;


Length — 25 m;

Width — 12 m;

Depth — 1,7 m.


Children from 3 to 12 years old are allowed to enter the pool only accompanied by their parents. Children under 3 years old have limited access to the pool.


We are waiting for you on a wellness vacation!

Contacts for booking:

+7 702 059 2020



Some families come to us from generation to generation and pass on the commitment to a healthy lifestyle and wellness as a family tradition. It beautiful We have worked for this for more than 55 years and are ready to work for the same amount more!

We are waiting for you for beauty and health!

+7 (716 36) 7-81-01

+7 (702) 059 20 20



Location — on the shore of the most beautiful of the lakes of the Shchuchinsk-Burabay resort area; Radon therapy — using radon water from its own source;

It operates year-round and has a number of rooms for 173 vacationers. That means you have 365 days a year to get to us!

It has physiotherapy rooms, a typical hydrotherapy and shower room, mud baths, urological, dental, massage and treatment rooms;

It has a powerful tool base that allows you to monitor the effectiveness and safety of the therapy;

we offer the most important monitoring methods — ultrasound, functional, electrocardiographic, laboratory diagnostics;

And most importantly, Okzhetpes has been awarded the European Quality International award for striving to achieve high quality services in accordance with European standards.

We are waiting for you in the health and wellness complex “Okzhetpes”!



Fresh air, beautiful view, proper and delicious food, winter entertainment, swimming pool, SPA, wellness treatments…
What could be even better? ⠀

And a walk through the winter snow-covered forest will allow you not only to enjoy the extraordinary nature, but also to breathe the healing frosty air of Borovoye.

Take care of your health to always be in a good mood and well-being in any weather!
The cost of accommodation in the rooms of the sanatorium “Okzhetpes” includes:

• Spa treatment as prescribed by the attending physician
• 4 meals a day + koumiss
• Swimming pool, hammam, sauna
• Fitness room
• Children’s room
• Billiards
• Cinema Hall
• Parking
You can get more detailed information by phone +7 (71636) 78-101, +7 702 059 20 20

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