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Interactive on Instagram

In honor of the 55th anniversary of the legendary health resort “Okzhetpes” we want to arrange a contest for you in the Instagram account @okzhetpes.borovoe

Before the start of the largest insta-contest in the history of the sanatorium, we decided to arrange an interactive session with subscribers:

1) Would you take part in such a competition?

2) Which is more interesting for you, using a random number generator or choosing a winner manually?

You can write your answers here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNCO-ttHn2n/


Details and reservations:

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Happy Nauryz!

JSC «Okzhetpes» health and wellness complex sincerely congratulates you on the wonderful holiday of Nauryz Meiramy!

Nauryz is one of the most ancient and honorable holidays that unites all the residents of Kazakhstan under a shanyrak. It represents not only the meeting of the New Year, but also coincides with the day of the spring equinox, it is also a holiday of spring, the awakening of all living things, the renewal of nature.

Nauryz brings people closer together, awakening in their souls the primordial desire for peace, kindness, and mutual assistance. On this day, it is customary to forgive insults, to give happiness and kindness to others.

May Nauryz bring peace, calmness, and prosperity to every home!

We wish you health, happiness, loyal friends, strong families, success in work, spring mood and joy in life!


The best gift for parents is a voucher to health resort!

The most important people in our lives are our parents! And they need special care. «Okzhetpes» health and wellness complex provides all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay for your parents and comprehensive maintenance and strengthening of their health.

* Our medical building has physiotherapy rooms, a hydrotherapy and mud baths, urological, dental, massage and treatment rooms, also a room for monitor bowel cleansing, an inhaler, a phytobar, a laboratory and diagnostic department, and a cosmetology room.

* The medical building has a powerful tool base that allows you to monitor the effectiveness and safety of the therapy.

* Among the most important monitoring methods are ultrasound, functional, electrocardiographic, laboratory diagnostics, Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM).

Health-improving recreation is promoted by a favorable air environment, dietary nutrition, and support by experienced specialists!

Details and reservations:

+7(702)059 20 20


How to tone your body, relax, and get comfortable relaxation?

SPA is an opportunity to have a great rest, devote yourself to relaxation, warm up, get peace of mind, restore strength and health. At the service of our guests, we present to your attention the SPA-care “UNION OF THE MOON AND THE SUN” – a toning program with Asian massage spheres.

This procedure gives a real pleasure and restores strength. It combines two massage techniques using two different types of spheres. Orange spheres filled with the warmth of the “Sun” relieve muscle tension.

The indigo-colored moon spheres bring back a sense of harmony and peace. This union of the Sun and the Moon symbolically unites the masculine and feminine, the strength and softness that are present in each of us.

As a result, the vital energy and skin tone are restored, a feeling of cheerfulness and lightness appears throughout the body. In addition, there is an effect of instant hydration of the skin.

We are waiting for you for beauty and health!

+7(702) 059 20 20


Meet our employees!

By popular demand, we are starting a new dating category from today.

In the photo, Lyubov Konopleva Vasilyevna is the Head of the medical and rehabilitation department of the «Okzhetpes» health and wellness complex.

A doctor of the highest category in the specialty of public health organization and the highest category in the specialty of therapist. The total experience is 40 years, of which 18 years in the system of the MCH of the PAA the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the JSC LOK «Okzhetpes» health and wellness complex – 3.5 years.



Magic evening in honor of the spring holiday

Yesterday we congratulated the beautiful ladies of our complex on the spring holiday and arranged a mini surprise. We share with you the excerpts of an unforgettable day. You can watch the full video here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CMMDVZxptu3/

Shine, blossom, create! You deserve it, dear ladies!


Happy holiday, dear ladies!

The staff of JSC «Okzhetpes» health and wellness complex, wholeheartedly congratulates you on the most tender holiday of the year – International Women’s Day!

Let all your cherished dreams come true, let your mood always be only positive – after all, your female role is to give ease, joy, love, and beauty to those who are near you!

We wish you harmony, prosperity, and abundance!

Thank you for being there, our beloved ones!


“Okzhetpes” purchased a new workstation device «Medscaner BIORS-04» for the Check-up

Medical device (Wellness software package) – displays the main health of the patient, makes it possible to conduct 10 types of diagnostics, 8 types of therapy and a drug test. It allows you to carry out high-quality, personalized rehabilitation measures in the conditions of the sanatorium, considering the existing medical base.

The method of rapid and complete examination of the body, helps to get reports that can be used to perform physiotherapy procedures, monitor how effective the selected physiotherapy procedure is and improve the rehabilitation or treatment strategy.

Now the treatment procedures will be even better!


Dining at the complex

Nutrition is one of the most important components of the treatment process! Therefore, we pay special attention to the organization of healthy food for you. ⠀

In our medical and health complex, a four-day diet is organized, as well as the reception of traditionally dairy product – kumiz. For guests who need more frequent meals for medical reasons, additional meals are prescribed by doctors or a special individual regime is assigned.

For your convenience, we use a system of pre-order meals for the next day with a selection of individual dishes from the assigned diet. The frequency of nutrition depends on the disease and the diet prescribed by the dietitian, can be four-, five -, or six-times.

Meals are included in the price of accommodation, and the menu is not just varied, but you create it for yourself using the pre-order system.

We are waiting for you for a wellness holiday!

+7(716 36) 78-101

+7(702)059 20 20

Happy first day of spring!

Spring is a time of awakening of nature, renewal, inspiration, and flowering. It is time to pay more attention to yourself and your health because spring is a time of beauty, purity, warmth, light, and love.

We congratulate everyone on the arrival of the long-awaited spring and wish everyone good health, whose energy and, of course, good mood!

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