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Happy Victory Day!

The staff of the sanatorium “Okzhetpes” congratulated all the guests on the Victory Day today.
In honor of the holiday, a festive evening and treats were organized in the open area in compliance with all precautions.
We heartily congratulate all our readers on Victory Day! The memory of this great victory will be forever passed down from generation to generation.


Happy Defender Of The Fatherland Day!

We heartily congratulate all the men and our strong, smart defenders of JSC ” Medical and wellness complex Okzhetpes” !
Each of you is a defender of your homeland, your family, your hearth. Your weapon is your mind, your professionalism and your support! Stay always the same kind, strong, cheerful!


Turkish hamam

The history of the hammam dates back centuries and begins with the Roman baths. This is a bathhouse with a lot of steam, and the air temperature varies from 35 to 50 degrees. Turkish hamam in the sanatorium is included in the price of the tour.
The bath has great benefits for the musculoskeletal system. With salt deposition, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle stretching and other diseases, you will not be disturbed for a long time after visiting the hamam 2-3 times. Hamam helps well in the treatment of colds.
See you on a wellness vacation!


An evening dedicated to the display of paintings by famous artists

Yesterday, an evening dedicated to the display of paintings by famous artists of Kazakhstan was held in our sanatorium.
The exhibition was attended by such artists as:
• Alpysbay Kazgulov – artist, holder of the Order “Parasat”, member of the Union of Artists;
• Alzhan Serikpay-khudozhnik, laureate of the State Prize “Madeniyet kairatkeri”;
• Khamo Khamirov – artist, member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan;
• Nodir Bobomuradov is the best artist of Uzbekistan, a member of the Union of Young Artists;
• Dinara Nuger – artist, art critic “Excellent student of culture”;
• Kabikozhaeva Aliya Muratovna – artist, member of the Union of Young Allies of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
Everyone could feel like an artist and participate in the master class. The emotions received from seeing the beautiful will warm the hearts of all those present for a long time!


Laser therapy

Today we want to tell you about the Laser Therapy procedure.
There are no age-related contraindications to this procedure, for example, the effectiveness of treatment of adenoids in children with laser therapy has been proven.
In our sanatorium, the procedure is used for the rehabilitation and prevention of diseases such as: disorders of the nervous system, respiratory tract, skin diseases, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, disorders of the genitourinary system.
We use laser therapy in combination with other therapeutic procedures, for example, with mud treatment, mineral waters. Due to this, the result that you get will greatly increase.
Think about your health today, and we will help you with this!
Contacts of the booking department: +7(702)-059-2020

Conversation of the President of JSC ” health and wellness complex “Okzhetpes” with the staff

The management of our sanatorium is always open to discussing important issues and regularly holds meetings with guests and with the staff of the sanatorium.
Today at 16.00 in the conference hall of the sanatorium there was a meeting of the management with the staff.
Following the results of the first quarter, President Kairat Berkinbayev addressed the team with a report on the main directions of the organization’s development, problematic issues and ways to solve them.
During the discussion, the employees raised questions of a production nature, asked questions concerning the progress of work
At the end of the meeting, the head gave specific instructions to the responsible employees and took control of their execution.

Inhalation Therapy

Inhalation therapy in “Medical and wellness complex Okzhetpes” is the introduction into the body by inhalation of medicinal and biologically active substances suspended in the air for therapeutic and preventive purposes.
It is an excellent treatment for colds and diseases of the upper respiratory tract. The main purpose of the procedure is to dilute sputum and remove it from the lungs and bronchi. Medicinal herbs (in the form of decoctions, infusions, extracts, tinctures, elixirs, juice, etc.) are used for all types of inhalations.
Depending on the medication injected into the body , the following therapeutic effects can be achieved:
Inhalations are especially relevant and useful as part of rehabilitation after coronavirus infection. You can take a course of inhalations in combination with other rehabilitation procedures in our sanatorium.
You can get more detailed information by phone +7 (71636)78 – 101, +7 702 059 20 20


Birge – Taza Qazaqstan

Employees of our complex supported the republican environmental campaign “Birge – taza Qazaqstan”. All employees came out to clean the territory this morning, supported the environmental initiative of the society. As part of the clean-up, new trees were planted, the territory of the sanatorium was completely cleared.


A new medical procedure – hirudotherapy

Since April 12, a new medical procedure – hirudotherapy has been introduced within the framework of the QAZAQ NOMAD RESORT project.

Hirudotherapy is the oldest method of natural healing of the body with leeches.
In the treatment of live leeches, the main therapeutic effect is associated with forced outflow of blood.
Reducing the filling of blood vessels can reduce blood pressure and improve the patient’s condition.

Usually, patients suffering from joint pathologies turn to hirudotherapy. Leeches are used to treat osteochondrosis of the spine, intervertebral hernias.
Procedures help to relieve pain, reduce muscle tension, reduce the load on the back, prevent complications.

Leeches are installed between the vertebral discs, above and below the affected area. The procedures are combined with massage, taking medications, and a diet recommended by a doctor.

The number of leeches and the period of treatment are prescribed by a hirudotherapist according to the diagnosis and stage of the patient’s illness.

We are waiting for you to improve your health!


The benefits of oxygen cocktails

We all know that oxygen is vital for a person. But, no one could have imagined that oxygen therapy would become such an effective way to maintain beauty and health!
For a long time, the most popular and very tasty way is to take oxygen cocktails

Every day in our phytobar we prepare the most useful oxygen cocktails for our guests.

When taking the course, you will notice:
– quick replenishment of oxygen deficiency
– 250 ml of oxygen cocktail replace 2-3 hours of walking in the fresh air
– The work of the cardio-vascular system and respiratory tract will improve
– Liver function will improve
– The feeling of hunger will decrease
– The condition of the skin, hair and nails will improve
– Will contribute to the body’s regeneration⠀
We are sure that your body needs support, especially in the spring.

Welcome to our wellness!

Contacts of the booking department: +7(702)-059-2020

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