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  1. Snacking in a social setting.

Apart from planned meals, during the day there are occasional tea parties, birthday celebrations and home-cooked treats brought to work by colleagues… That’s how you put on extra pounds!

The solution: When food is in our face, we tend to eat more. It’s better to put the sweets away, and learn to politely say “No” to your colleagues when they offer treats that do not fit into your diet.

  1. Bad eating habits.

Every day we promise ourselves to eat properly in a cafe or take a meal from home. But when it is time to eat, we realize that there is so much to do and going to a business lunch is not an option. So, we order food delivery – again. Sounds familiar?

The solution: start a food diary and write down what you eat every day. It will help you to keep track of the quantity and quality of food and avoid breakdowns and overeating.

  1. Insufficient light, too cold in the workplace.

Scientists have concluded that poor lighting indoors creates desire for more food. The same thing happens when you feel cold. A set standard is 500 lux – for lighting, and 23 ° C – for room temperature.

The solution: spend more time in the sun – take mini-walks during your lunch break. In case you feel cold, keep a sweater or plaid at work. Discussing the problem of poor lighting and cold with the manager could also help.

  1. Too much work.

Constant overworking contributes to gaining weight for two reasons. First: a lack of free time that could be devoted to sports and activities. Second: a lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep. Both factors lead to an increased appetite.

The solution:  increase physical activity by any means. Do not use elevator, stretch your legs during the day, do some walking – to work and from work. And do not stay at work until late.

  1. Constant stress and deadlines.

When things are not going smoothly at work, we get nervous and we turn to food for comfort. Fats and sugars are always first to come across.

The solution: remember that food is not a solution to the problem. Sufficient sleep, physical activity and breathing exercises will be your life savers.

Eat right and be healthy!

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