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The competition "The best employee" was held on December 2 in the cinema hall of the health and
wellness complex with the invitation of employees and vacationers of the sanatorium.
4 applications were submitted to participate in the "Best Employee" competition: Nurova Ziyagul is a
nurse, Yeralina Dinara is a sports instructor, Aimahan Gulnur is an event manager, Batina Elmira is a
Summing up the results of the competition was on a 5-point system, by open voting after each type of
competition. The commission – jury calculated the points received by the contestants and summed up the
The winner of the competition – "The best employee" was sports instructor Yeralina Dinara, she was
awarded a diploma and a cash certificate in the amount of 60,000 tenge, for active participation in the
competition and according to the points received, event manager Aimahan Gulnur was the second, she
was awarded a diploma and a cash certificate in the amount of 20,000 tenge, also 3rd and 4th places
according to the scores of nurse Nurova Ziyagul Gabidenovna and maid Batina Elmira Erlanovna, who
were awarded diplomas for participation and cash certificates of 10,000 tenge.

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