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Breathing exercises is one of the most important methods of general rehabilitation. Doctors recommend starting your day with breathing exercises in order to fight off illness and increase chances for recovery.

Our lungs are a target for various respiratory diseases. But there are simple exercises that can train your respiratory system: they help your body to stand strong and recover after serious illnesses, and even serve as one of the tools for prevention of viral diseases.

When we move less often, our breathing function weakens. Physical activity during quarantine and self-isolation is almost impossible, so our breathing becomes shallow and pulmonary ventilation decreases. Breathing exercises will help you to make up for physical inactivity and overcome anxiety. Some sets of exercises can be mastered without assistance, while others are to be practiced with a professional instructor. Breathing exercises in the open air – in our pine forest with healing powers – are particularly beneficial!

Breathing classes at “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex are very popular among our guests. Breathing class is taught by Yeralina Dinara Isaevna – a knowledgeable instructor and PE master with 15 years of experience. Breathing exercises are performed in the open air once a day, for 15-20 minutes every day.

Doing breathing exercises on a regular basis can help you to calm down and get energized and recharged. These exercises help to treat a number of medical conditions: from panic attacks, indigestion and skin rashes to asthma attacks and more.

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