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Children’s Day

In honor of the International Children’s Day, a festive program for young guests of the complex was held in the sanatorium “Okzhetpes”.

At 10:00, a team building game was organized: sports games, relay race;
– Drawing contest;
– – Creative concert “Hello, we are looking for talents”;
– Animation program “Happy Childhood” with the participation of fairy-tale and cartoon characters,
– Flash mob
– Photo session with animators
– Ice cream was distributed to children, active children were awarded with certificates of honor.

The entertainment program started at 16:00.
– Active games with animators
– Dance competitions
– Aquagrim
– Interesting contests and the “Merry-go-round” relay race.
The cartoon was shown at 18:00.
And at 20: 00 karaoke “Super star”.
Happy children – happy WE are!


Rehabilitation and relaxation

Rehabilitation with the help of aromatherapy and music therapy. This therapy is carried out in a yurt located in the green zone of the sanatorium, where you can feel unity with nature, feel comfort and relax.
Comfortable sofas and armchairs, individual headphones with pleasant soothing music and a pleasant aroma around you will be waiting for you in the yurt.
The beauty of our national home, the color that fills everything around helps to touch its origins, which undoubtedly has a positive effect on the human condition, on the emotional and physical condition.


Meals in the sanatorium

Nutrition is one of the most important components of the treatment process! Therefore, we pay special attention to the organization of healthy food for you.⠀
In our health and wellness complex, a four-day diet is organized, as well as the reception of koumiss. For guests who need more frequent meals for medical reasons, additional meals are prescribed by doctors or a special individual regime is prescribed.
For your convenience, we use a system of pre-ordering meals for the next day with a selection of individual dishes from the prescribed diet. The frequency of nutrition depends on the disease and the diet prescribed by a nutritionist, can be four-, five-, or six-times.
Meals are included in the price of accommodation, and the menu is not just varied, but you create it for yourself according to the pre-order system.
We are waiting for you for a wellness vacation!
+7(702)059 20 20


Ultrasound treatment

Modern medicine has stepped far forward in recent years, and a wide variety of methods of treating the body has appeared. Today we want to talk about ultrasound treatment.
Ultrasound has an anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, absorbable, desensitizing effect on the human body.
With the help of ultrasound, medicaments can be injected into the tissues – ultraphonophoresis, for this purpose water or oil solutions of the agents are used.
In our sanatorium, ultrasound treatment is used for many diseases of the body, for example, arthritis, or arthrosis, gynecological, urological diseases, ENT organs, injuries, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, etc.
We wish you to always stay healthy, and we will be happy to help you with this!
Contacts of the booking department: +7(702)-059-2020



Our sanatorium is located in the Shchuchinsko-Borovskaya resort area. This is a unique region in our country.
All important components of complex treatment are collected here: the unique mineral water of the lake “May-Balyk”, the mud of the lake Balpash-Sor, its own source of radon, including drinking water, kumysotherapy.
The clean air of Borovoye, pine forest – all this has a beneficial effect on the human body.
With the help of climatotherapy in our complex, the following diseases are prevented and treated:
Cardiovascular system;
Respiratory organs;
Endocrine system and metabolism;
Urological and gynecological diseases;
Nervous system.
Take care of your health to always be in a good mood and well-being.
You can get more detailed information by phone: +7 702 059 20 20 .


International Nurse’s Day

Today is the International Day of the Nurse. We heartily congratulate nurses from all over the country and our sanatorium on their professional holiday.
Today’s feed in all our accounts is dedicated to you, our favorite nurses! With love to you, your “Okzhetpes”!


Sculptural facial massage

If your face looks tired, there are dark circles under your eyes, and the condition of your face is not pleasing with clarity, then a sculptural facial massage will help you.
It will restore a rested look to the face and remove dark circles under the eyes. In our sanatorium we are glad to offer this type of massage according to the price list. The price of the massage is 2700 tenge per procedure, long for 20 minutes.
The golden hands of our massager will put your face in order!
We will be glad to see you at our procedures!


Happy Victory Day!

The staff of the sanatorium “Okzhetpes” congratulated all the guests on the Victory Day today.
In honor of the holiday, a festive evening and treats were organized in the open area in compliance with all precautions.
We heartily congratulate all our readers on Victory Day! The memory of this great victory will be forever passed down from generation to generation.


Happy Defender Of The Fatherland Day!

We heartily congratulate all the men and our strong, smart defenders of JSC ” Medical and wellness complex Okzhetpes” !
Each of you is a defender of your homeland, your family, your hearth. Your weapon is your mind, your professionalism and your support! Stay always the same kind, strong, cheerful!


Turkish hamam

The history of the hammam dates back centuries and begins with the Roman baths. This is a bathhouse with a lot of steam, and the air temperature varies from 35 to 50 degrees. Turkish hamam in the sanatorium is included in the price of the tour.
The bath has great benefits for the musculoskeletal system. With salt deposition, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle stretching and other diseases, you will not be disturbed for a long time after visiting the hamam 2-3 times. Hamam helps well in the treatment of colds.
See you on a wellness vacation!

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