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Reason #1: Borovoe is the place with clean, bracing air filled with scent of pine, and it has the most charming nature. That is why staying at our complex not only improves your health, but also allows you to contemplate the beauty surrounding you.

Reason #2:  Individual approach to every single guest. Depending on your needs and recommendations, we offer 6-, 10- or 14-day wellness programs.

Reason #3: Exceptional natural factors. Mineral water “May Balyk” and “Kulager – Arasan” complemented by modern therapeutic and diagnostic tools allow for treatment and rehabilitation of people with a wide range of diseases of cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal systems, digestion, blood circulation, endocrine and nervous systems, urological and gynecological diseases.

Reason #4: We provide treatment with the use of natural herbs that are so important and necessary for our body.

Reason #5: Koumiss therapy. Koumiss is a drink that our body digests very well. It contains vitamins of groups A, E, B and C, iron, copper, iodine, fats and Lactic acid bacteria. They believe that koumiss is rich in antibiotic substances that are effective in treatment of tubercle bacillus, typhoid fever and dysentery.

And most importantly: our health complex has a specifically designed program for rehabilitation after Covid-19.

If you are looking for an unforgettable getaway where you can let your body and soul rest, restore your health and enjoy quality medical services, come to our health and wellness complex: you will find it all right here!

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