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As the war recedes further into the past, and fewer witnesses of those days remain, it becomes more important for us to preserve the memory of the war and the Victory.

On the eve of May 9, the employees of JSC “LOK Okzhetpes” traditionally congratulated the veterans of the Great Patriotic War on Victory Day. Words of immense gratitude filled with love were addressed to the honorees, congratulatory cards and branded gifts were presented, as well as gift sets of groceries.

For the peaceful sky, for the life granted, for all the hardships and deprivations that you carried on your shoulders, for every wound, for the pain and tears, for the feat – thank you for everything!

We sincerely congratulate all Kazakhstanis on the holiday!




JSC “LOK Okzhetpes” congratulates you on the national holiday — Defender of the Fatherland Day!

Defender of the Fatherland Day is the glorious anniversary of the birth of the Armed Forces of our country. From time immemorial, defenders of the Homeland have always embodied honor and valor, bravery and courage, patriotism, and unconditional service to their people.

Kazakhstanis carefully preserve the memory of the heroic deeds of all generations who have given their lives for the freedom and independence of our Homeland.

The team of JSC “LOK Okzhetpes” wishes everyone robust health, resilience and firm character, energy and kindness, courage and patience, success in everything!

May this holiday of brave and courageous people always be peaceful and joyful!

Peace and prosperity to our common home, the Republic of Kazakhstan!



Ecological Action in the “Burabay” National Park

Today, as part of the national ecological campaign “Clean Kazakhstan,” 32,000 pine seedlings were planted on an area of 4.07 hectares in the “Burabay” State National Nature Park.

The staff of the national park, the “Okzhetpes” sanatorium, “Burabay Damu” LLP, and “Karasu” State Enterprise participated in the planting and sanitary cleaning.

“Such joint ecological actions are an excellent opportunity to set an example for the younger generation on how to take care of their land, maintain cleanliness, and preserve nature. Moreover, these events foster team spirit,” believes Birlіk Barzhaqsymov, Vice President for General Affairs at “Okzhetpes” JSC.

It should also be noted that starting from April 8, 2024, as part of the “Clean Kazakhstan” ecological campaign, 30 structural divisions of the “Burabay” national park conducted sanitary cleaning of the territories adjacent to the park boundaries. A total of 180 cubic meters of garbage was removed.

By the end of May, approximately 800,000 trees are to be planted in the territories of Akybai, Borovsky, Priozerne, Zolotoborsky, Mirny, and Zhalaіyrsky forestries of the national park. The total area of new forest plantings will be 104.6 hectares. By the end of the year, the national park staff plans to plant a total of 832.2 thousand trees.




We conducted a survey among our guests and identified the top medical procedures that are particularly popular in our complex.

  1. Charcot Shower. This is one of the methods of hydrotherapy, which is a type of massage where a jet of water under high pressure is used. We’ll let you in on a little secret, this procedure is in high demand thanks to Nurse Kuliya khanym. There are even several articles about her in popular media.
  2. Pant sauna, also known as a pant barrel, is a procedure aimed at the health improvement of the entire body. It is conducted in a wooden barrel, usually cedar, which is filled with steam from the extraction of maral antlers.
  3. Ozokerite applications. Ozokerite raises the skin temperature in the area of application by 2-3°C at a depth of 4-5 cm, with a short-term (5-40 sec.) spasm followed by vascular dilation, enhances blood flow, and has anti-inflammatory, metabolic, spasmolytic, resorptive, and analgesic effects.
  4. Mud therapy – this is one of the most popular and very effective methods of resort therapy. The mud from Balpash Sor lake possesses valuable chemical and biological properties and affects the human body with their full spectrum.
  5. Massage. We use both mechanical and manual massages, and we also offer a procedure called bioenergomassage.

What is your favorite procedure in our sanatorium?




The priority area of the “Okzhetpes” sanatorium is the provision of services in 10 rehabilitation areas. This includes the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, respiratory organs, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, and vascular diseases. However, our main focus is on the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system.

Recently, the sanatorium has introduced a new type of treatment. This is treatment with naftalan, a petroleum product that had not been previously used in Kazakhstan. Our sanatorium was the first to begin treatment with naftalan imported from Azerbaijan.

This powerful agent, prepared from oil, has been used since the 12th century by people to treat more than 70 diseases. It reduces blood viscosity and boosts immunity. It improves lung function. It stops inflammatory processes in the body and also has an analgesic effect. Its beneficial impact on joints and the musculoskeletal system is well-known. It is also used to treat dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. In Azerbaijan, the treatment system with naftalan was implemented during the Soviet times. Citizens of Kazakhstan used to travel to this country to undergo such treatment. Initially, the number of people wanting to undergo this course of treatment was small. Today, no fewer than 10 people receive such treatment daily. The demand is growing.

In addition to procedures, the sanatorium also has physiotherapy rooms, a water and massage room, a mud therapy room, urology, dental, massage rooms, an intestinal cleansing room, an inhaler, a phyto-bar, a laboratory, a diagnostic department, a cosmetology room, and a pharmacy.

Contact the booking department: +7702-059-2020




JSC ‘LOK Okzhetpes’ is excited to announce a unique promotion ‘Weekend Discount’.

It is very important to us that a stay at the sanatorium is not only beneficial but also affordable for the entire family.

We invite you to participate in the ‘Weekend Discount’ promotion and receive up to a 10% discount on accommodation!

The promotion applies to all room categories.

Promotion terms: a 10% discount applies to all room categories with 100% prepayment when booking rooms for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The promotion does not apply to places booked through travel agencies, to children’s vouchers, and to additional adult places.

The promotion cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.

Book on our website or through the ‘LOK Okzhetpes’ booking department by phone:

+7 (716 36) 7-81-01

+7 (702) 059 20 20

Have a pleasant stay!




Looking for a place to spend the May holidays? Join us! With comfort and benefits for your health!

A standard room for one person costs 55 thousand KZT per day, for two it’s 78 thousand KZT per day.

The price of the voucher includes: accommodation, four meals a day + kumis, treatment as prescribed by a doctor, leisure activities, swimming pool, hammam.

Contact the booking department: +77020592020

If you were unable to contact us, you can leave your phone number, our manager will get in touch and will provide detailed information and calculate the optimal accommodation option for your family.

Looking forward to meeting you!




LOK ‘Okzhetpes’ is always ready to offer its guests therapeutic and health-improving procedures. We are excited to announce that now our treatment department operates on weekends too! Regardless of the day you arrive, a doctor will see you and prescribe treatment.

The medical and health complex includes:

  • Consultations with specialists: therapist, dietitian, otolaryngologist.
  • Physical therapy (Strelnikova respiratory gymnastics, bodyflex, group for musculoskeletal disorders, Nordic walking, individual sessions);
  • Inhalations with mineral water, medicinal drugs.
  • Baths (mineral, radon, pearl, four-chamber, pine);
  • Showers (Charcot shower, underwater shower-massage, ascending);
  • Mud therapy;
  • Ozokerite-paraffin treatment;
  • Salt chamber for adults and children;
  • Dental irrigation of gums;
  • Oxygen cocktail, phytotherapy;
  • Physiotherapeutic treatment and much more.

We are constantly working to improve our service for our guests! We look forward to seeing you for a health retreat at LOK ‘Okzhetpes’!




The most important thing for every child is the health of their parents.

Give your parents, grandmothers, and grandfathers a healthy vacation with a 10% discount in April! In addition, you can come to the sanatorium for a weekend package to strengthen your own health.

The best gift for yourself and your parents is a quality and beneficial rest.

Contact us for more details: +7(702)-059-2020





Hydrotherapy (water treatment) involves the external use of fresh water (tap, river, lake, rain) in the form of baths, showers, douches, rubdowns, and wraps. The basis of hydrotherapy lies in the mechanical, temperature, and chemical effects of water on the body. It causes irritation of nerve endings in the skin, which leads to the generation of a nerve impulse. Thermal effects on the body increase metabolism, improve metabolism, stimulate circulation, enhance the secretory activity of the pancreas and stomach, and warm or hot water has sedative and analgesic effects, reduces muscle tone, stimulates the activity of the endocrine system, and ‘triggers’ immune processes.

The hydrotherapy complex at LOK ‘Okzhetpes’ includes:


  • Charcot shower;
  • Underwater shower-massage;
  • Fan shower;
  • Circular shower.


The Charcot shower is one of the most sought-after methods. It was named after its inventor Jean Charcot, who in 1868 sought to address the problem of treating multiple sclerosis, spinal injuries, and also to explain the psychogenic origins of hysteria. Based on Jean Charcot’s research, one can identify the main indications for using his water therapy – diseases of the musculoskeletal system and functional nervous disorders.

Underwater shower-massage – the patient’s body is immersed in a bath of water, after which an underwater massage is conducted using a special shower with many different attachments. This combination significantly increases the therapeutic properties of the procedure.

Fan shower – this is a variant of the Charcot shower. The distinctive feature of the fan shower is that the body is subjected to a fan-like jet rather than a compact jet. This difference makes the fan shower procedure significantly softer compared to the Charcot shower.

Circular shower – this is a therapeutic and preventive procedure. Water jets affect not only the skin but also the subcutaneous tissue and muscle tissues. In addition, they also affect certain internal organs. Thanks to such a deep impact, there is an increase in body tone. The circular shower quite effectively smooths the skin and activates regenerative processes.

Hydrotherapy at LOK ‘Okzhetpes’ is a qualified, careful, and effective approach to solving your health issues.

For more detailed information, you can contact us at  +7 (71636)78 – 101+7 702 059 20 20.


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