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There is very little left until the New Year. Staying safe during New Year’s celebrations is very important. Today we have prepared useful material on this topic for you. We advise you to remember the following rules:
You should not use fireworks unless you understand how to use them, instructions are not included, or they are written in a language you do not understand.
The Christmas tree should be lit only with industrial-made electric garlands.
You cannot repair or reuse pyrotechnics that have not worked.
Pyrotechnics should not be used in strong winds.
You cannot point rockets and fireworks at people, or throw firecrackers at their feet.
It is not recommended to stay closer than 15 meters from lit pyrotechnic products.
You should not bend low over lit fireworks.
Do not decorate the Christmas tree with fabric and plastic toys.
Do not cover the Christmas tree stand with cotton wool.
Do not carry fireworks in your pocket.
Follow these rules and be healthy!

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