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Dear guests!

Starting from July 24th, 2020 the quarantine measures on the territory of the resort zones of Akmolinskaya oblast will be reinforced, which means that entering or leaving the area will be restricted. If you are going to the resort for medical rehabilitation and you have a voucher for treatment, you will be allowed to the territory of our health and wellness complex.

Thus, according to the Decree № 88 “On reinforcing the quarantine measures in the recreational and resort areas of Akmolinskaya oblast” the list of authorized persons for entry and exit to/from the territory of Shchuchinsko-Borovskaya and Zerendinskaya resort areas includes patients of the health and wellness complex upon presentation of the supporting documents (a voucher for treatment and a referral to the medical facility).

Our health and wellness complex undertakes all necessary safety measures for your most productive and comfortable stay.

Looking forward to seeing you in our complex for your wellness treatment, dear friend!

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