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Breathing exercises are one of the most important methods of common
rehabilitation. To resist the disease and increase the chances of recovery, doctors
advise starting the morning with breathing exercises.
The target of many respiratory infections is the lungs. And by the way, you can
pump your respiratory system with simple exercises: they help the body to survive,
recover from serious illnesses and can even be one of the auxiliary means of
preventing viral diseases.
The less we move, then lower our respiratory function. And in the case of
self—isolation and quarantine, this is almost inevitable: breathing gradually
becomes shallow, gas exchange decreases. Breathing exercises will help to cope
with both the lack of movement and the feeling of anxiety. Some complexes can be
mastered independently, others are better to practice with a professional. Breathing
exercises in the fresh air, in our healing pine forest, are especially useful!
Breathing exercises in the health and wellness "Okzhetpes" are very popular
among vacationers. Gymnastics is conducted by an experienced instructor in sports
and physical therapy with 15 years of experience Yarullina Dinara Isaevna.
Gymnastics is performed outdoors once a day for 15-20 minutes.
Regular exercises in breathing exercises will help both calm down and recharge
your energy. They also help with various diseases: from panic attacks, digestive
disorders and skin reactions to asthmatic attacks.

Taking care of your health, health and wellness "Okzhetpes"!
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