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The modes of operation of the human body in the cold seasons are significantly
different. Nutrition is also an important part of our body's work. We present you
some tips on nutrition in the cold season.

Tip #1. Don't starve!
The caloric content of winter food should be higher than that of summer. This
should be achieved by increasing the consumption of fish, poultry, meat dishes, i.e.
with a high content of "heavy proteins". Of course, you can't do without
carbohydrates in winter. Their exclusion from the diet threatens to reduce
immunity and the possibility of easily catching colds viral diseases.
Tip #2. Vitamins and vitamins again!
It is necessary to include vitamin-rich foods in your diet. Do not lose sight of
vitamins A and E. In winter, they also play a big role, in particular, vitamin E helps
protect the skin from wind and frost.

Tip #3. Don't forget to drink water!
Even in winter, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of liquid, and not less than a
liter of pure water from them. The rest of the liquid can be in the form of
compotes, infusions or warm teas.
Tip #4. Hot is a must!
Be sure to eat hot dishes or warm drinks. If you have to have a snack on the go, it
is advisable to wash down the food with warm tea.
Tip #5. Variety!
Try to make the menu as diverse as possible. It is advisable to alternate products
daily. Such a variety of dishes and the fractional principle of eating will give your
body enough energy for active life in the winter season.
With care for your health and with love for you, "Okzhetpes".

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