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What procedures are needed in winter?

In autumn and winter, when the weather outside the window does not please us, and the air temperature drops and it gets cold outside. At your service in our ” health and wellness complex Okzhetpes” there are four Finnish saunas, an infrared sauna, a Turkish hammam that can be visited by a person of any age as it is the coolest of all existing, but it is one of the wettest baths.
And if you like to swim in the complex there is a swimming pool. Which has such characteristics as length 25 m, width 12 m, depth 1.7 m. A visit to our pool will give you a boost of energy for the whole day

Also in our complex there is a fitness room and a gym with a new generation of exercise equipment, as well as professional trainers who will help you stay in shape even on vacation.
After going to the sauna or hamam, doing sports, our vacationers can drink healing tea in our phytobar. In our complex you will find a full range of services and procedures for our vacationers in cold weather. We are waiting for you at our “health and wellness center Okzhetpes».

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