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SPA is an opportunity to have a great rest, to devote yourself to relaxation, to warm up, to get a mental balance, to restore strength and health. At the service of our guests, we present to your attention SPA-care “Union of the Moon and the Sun” – toning program with Asian massage with spheres.

This procedure gives real pleasure and revitalizes. It combines two massage techniques using two different types of spheres. The orange-colored spheres filled with the warmth of the “Sun” relieve muscle tension.

Indigo-colored lunar spheres bring back the feeling of harmony and peace. This union of the Sun and the Moon symbolically unite the masculine and feminine, the strength and softness that are present in each of us.

As a result, vitality and skin tone are restored, and there is a feeling of vigor and lightness throughout the body. In addition, there is the effect of instant moisturizing of the skin.

We are waiting for you for beauty and health!
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