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We conducted a survey among our guests and determined the top medical procedures, which are especially popular in our complex.

Charcot shower. This is a method of hydrotherapy, which is a variation of massage, which uses a jet of water under great pressure.

Let’s tell a secret, this procedure is especially in demand thanks to the nurse Kulia khanim. There are even several articles about it in the popular media.

Antler steam sauna, otherwise known as antler barrel, is a procedure aimed at the recovery of the entire body. It is carried out in a wooden barrel, most often cedar, which is filled with steam extracted from maral antlers.


Ozokerite applications. Ozokerite increases the temperature of the skin in the area of exposure to 2-3 ° C at a depth of 4-5 cm with short-term (5-40 sec.) Spasm followed by vasodilatation, increases blood flow, anti-inflammatory, metabolic, antispasmodic, resolving, analgesic effect.


Mud treatment – this is one of the most popular and very effective methods of spa therapy. Silt mud lake Balpash Sor has valuable chemical, biological properties and acts on the human body of their totality.


Massage. We use both mechanical and manual massage, we also have a procedure – bioenergomassage.

And what is your favorite procedure in our sanatorium?

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