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The Sharko shower is one of the methods of hydrotherapy, it is a variant of massage, in which a jet of water under high pressure is used.
It perfectly improves blood circulation, accelerates metabolism and tones the body. Also, a Charcot shower saves from overwork and migraines. The procedure is recommended for nervous breakdowns, excessive irritability, depression, neurasthenia, etc.
After sedentary work, this procedure relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood circulation, and a shower is also effective for disorders of the musculoskeletal system. A special technique of the procedure allows you to reduce extra weight.
After several sessions, the skin becomes elastic and smooth, a surge of strength is felt and the stress threshold is significantly reduced.
Taking a Charcot shower course, combined with other water treatments, as well as physical exercises and proper nutrition at the Okzhetpes medical and wellness complex, will help you achieve what you want, get back into shape and get a full range of relaxing procedures.
We are waiting for you for a wellness vacation in ” medical and wellness complex “Okzhetpes”!
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