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The benefits of oxygen cocktails

We all know that oxygen is vital for a person. But, no one could have imagined that oxygen therapy would become such an effective way to maintain beauty and health!
For a long time, the most popular and very tasty way is to take oxygen cocktails

Every day in our phytobar we prepare the most useful oxygen cocktails for our guests.

When taking the course, you will notice:
– quick replenishment of oxygen deficiency
– 250 ml of oxygen cocktail replace 2-3 hours of walking in the fresh air
– The work of the cardio-vascular system and respiratory tract will improve
– Liver function will improve
– The feeling of hunger will decrease
– The condition of the skin, hair and nails will improve
– Will contribute to the body’s regeneration⠀
We are sure that your body needs support, especially in the spring.

Welcome to our wellness!

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