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Most facial and body treatments that should be done in winter. The hot season can provoke side effects and complications, which usually does not happen in winter. Here is a list of facial and body treatments in “Okzhetpes” we recommend doing in winter.

Honey massage. Honey effectively removes toxins from the body. Thick honey removes toxins from the body and clears the energy channels. It has been gaining popularity as a very powerful health product. This type of massage improves skin elasticity and dissolves the subcutaneous fat deposits.

Body peeling. Peeling is a cosmetic procedure during which the top layer of the skin gets exfoliated. Thanks to peeling, your skin looks fresher, younger, and acquires a healthy glow. Different peeling procedures are available in “Okzhetpes”: coffee, chocolate, coconut, banana peeling and many others.

Body wrapping. This procedure produces several beneficial effects: it warms up the body, removes toxins, and improves blood circulation. And most importantly, the wraps help to eliminate the main problem that women are so conscious about – the cellulite. There are a few types of body wraps we offer in “Okzhetpes”: chocolate, grape and algae.

Stone therapy. Stone therapy provides deep relaxation, brings balance to our inner state, and removes stress and tension. The warmth improves blood circulation and metabolism. It allows more oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the cells of your body.

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