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Look at these amazing pictures! Spending time outdoors is not only pleasant: it’s also beneficial for your health!

It has been scientifically proven that walking among trees relieves stress and helps to rid of bad thoughts. The scientists at Stanford University, the USA, were concerned that urban dwellers often had mental disorders, and they decided to check whether it was due to lack of natural outdoor space.

The participants of the study, who walked in nature for 90 minutes, did indeed notice that negative thoughts were going away, and those who went for a 90-minute walk in the city did not see any change.

Some studies show that walks in nature, unlike other walks, improve memory.

The scientists have also found out that natural beauty can evoke admiration, which is one of the most reliable ways to increase intellectual strength.

We invite you to enjoy breathtaking beauty and healing landscapes of our health complex!

Get inspired by the beautiful nature, walk more often in the fresh air and be healthy!

With care for your health,

“Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex!

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