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Have you ever heard the phrase: “all diseases come from nerves”?

Many psychological studies have proven that it is true, and our emotional state directly affects our body.

Under stress, when we experience negative emotions, blood flow is primarily directed to the most important organs: heart, lungs, brain, liver and kidneys, while there is a blood outflow from the rest of the organs, for example, from the skin: it immediately feels lack of oxygen and acquires an unhealthy color.

That is why being under stress for extended period of time negatively impacts our beauty and interferes with the working mechanism of our body.

Positive emotions, on the contrary, contribute to preserving health, promote speedy recovery from a disease and an increased life expectancy. They contribute to formation of endorphins in the brain –the hormones of happiness that affect the immune system. These hormones often help us to fight diseases. ⠀

So, dear friends, we wish you plenty of positive emotions! Be healthy!

Awaiting you in our health and wellness complex where you can bring your body into harmony with your spirit and receive plenty of positive emotions!

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