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A sudden feeling of fatigue often occurs after a hearty dinner.

However, drowsiness can be caused not only by a big portion.

Top products that make us feel tired are:


A large amount of sugar increases the level of glucose in the body dramatically, and when it drops – also dramatically – a person feels a loss of energy. Baked goods and macaroni products can produce the same effect.


This poultry contains a special type of protein which has a relaxing effect on the human body. That is why choosing turkey for lunch is not recommended: your working capacity will drop significantly.

Fried foods

The body spends a lot of energy digesting fried food, and, as a result, a person gets tired quicker.

Energy bars

This type of snack is appropriate only before a workout, since it contains plenty of calories. If you don’t find a way to burn those calories quickly, you will feel overloaded.

Carbonated drinks and alcohol

Carbonated drinks most often combine sugar and caffeine. Together, they spike your blood sugar, which provides a short-term boost of energy first and causes severe drowsiness afterwards. The situation with alcoholic beverages is somewhat different: they have a relaxing effect and cause sleepiness, but during sleep, the body spends all its energy on intoxication rather than on its restoration.


A morning cup of coffee is a source of energy, but a high level of caffeine in the blood can have the opposite effect. The scientists came to the conclusion that two cups of coffee a day is quite sufficient.

Eat right and be healthy!

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