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Koumiss is a drink that our body is able to digest quite easily. It contains vitamins of groups A, E, B and C, as well as iron, copper, iodine, fats and Lactic acid bacteria. Koumiss is considered a source of a large number of antibiotics that help fight tubercle bacillus, typhoid fever, and dysentery. Lactic acid bacteria produce a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and gallbladder; koumiss is often used in the treatment of gastric ulcer. Besides, the bacteria present in koumiss affect bad germs and growth of E.coli; it also improves the microflora of the intestines and vagina. In addition, koumiss is quite valuable for blood and heart; it calms nerves, normalizes sleep, and reduces chronic fatigue and irritability.

The latest studies have shown the impact of koumiss on various physiological processes in the body and on individual organs, in particular:

  • During fermentation, the koumiss yeasts produce antibiotic substances to fight tubercle bacillus.
  • Koumiss normalizes the secretory activity of the stomach and other organs of the digestive system.
  • Koumiss therapy is very effective for gastric and duodenal ulcers – in the recovery phase – and it also shows good results in patients with dysentery and typhoid fever.
  • Koumiss has bactericidal properties, helps to fight E.coli and other pathogens.
  • Koumiss therapy is great for our blood: it increases the content of hemoglobin, improves the leukocyte formula.
  • Koumiss has a positive impact on the nervous system. A properly prepared koumiss produces the following effect: you feel a slight fatigue that leads to a good sleep; irritability disappears.

Koumiss therapy in “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex of the Medical Center of the Administrative Office of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been used for a long time, and it’s recommended to all of our guests. There are no age-related contraindications: koumiss is equally beneficial for children, adults and the elderly.

The properties of koumiss make it a unique beverage of natural fermentation. It contains plenty of healthy elements. Koumiss not only boosts the immune system, but also increases fat and protein digestibility, speeds up metabolism and restores the nervous system.

Thus, koumiss can be used in the treatment of tuberculosis, scurvy, and gastritis, diseases of the pancreas, anemia, neurasthenia, cardiovascular disease and typhoid fever.

A stay in “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex is a great opportunity to experience the power of koumiss, improve your health and relax!

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