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It may sound strange, but our skin may feel tired as much as we do. Tired skin is the result of a poor lifestyle. Tired facial skin is an indication of existing microcirculation problem which leads to a gray tint to the skin. Dark circles under the eyes become visible, because the skin retains its own toxins. It lacks oxygen. Atonicity is a lack of skin tone; people call it “flabby skin” – with vertical wrinkles of all kinds.

The signs of fatigued skin are common in people with bad habits and the residents of metropolitan cities, and workaholics, of course. The main tip for combating this problem is to give up bad habits and go out of town as often as possible to get fresh air. Try to have enough sleep, exercise, visit any type of bath and take vitamins and minerals. You can get it all – and even more – at “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex: fresh air, baths, good sleep, proper nutrition and the best cosmetologists will work magic with your tired-looking skin.

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