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Going back to work after holidays is very stressful for many people. And there are those who were on duty and did not rest at all. Or they have not taken a vacation yet. Vacation at our resort in February is quite attractive – for many reasons. The cleanest air of Borovoe, walks in a pine forest and medical procedures…

Peace and quiet

Winter vacation is all about peaceful surroundings. Many people prefer to flee from the cold of winter season to the countries with hot climate. What a pity! In winter the resorts are not as crowded as in summer. Besides, during warmer months there are more children having treatment – they are on a school break. In winter, children study, and this means that adults can relax without noise and commotion.

Enjoying nature

We do not criticize those who choose to go to hot countries in winter. But we believe that they lose a lot. In Burabay, winters are so beautiful! Lakes and mountains take on a gorgeous view. Familiar shapes of rocks and stones become transformed. It is the time for terrenkur walks, and the local landscape is great for active sports. You will never see anything like this in the city!

Fighting winter blues

Staying in the city in winter often makes us grumpy: we get sick and tired of the darkness during the day, of the cold and lack of sunlight. Many people develop a so-called winter depression. The Russian salad and holidays aren’t helpful either. Going to the resort is a way to defeat the blues and return to cold work days completely recharged.

Recreation without skiing or snow tubing? Not in “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex! Here you can do it all.

Severe frost of winter without sickness

Vacation at the resort keeps people in a good mood and they stop fearing drafts, colds and viruses. Take a course of treatment, strengthen your body and you can forget about common colds and flu.

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