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Ecological Action in the “Burabay” National Park

Today, as part of the national ecological campaign “Clean Kazakhstan,” 32,000 pine seedlings were planted on an area of 4.07 hectares in the “Burabay” State National Nature Park.

The staff of the national park, the “Okzhetpes” sanatorium, “Burabay Damu” LLP, and “Karasu” State Enterprise participated in the planting and sanitary cleaning.

“Such joint ecological actions are an excellent opportunity to set an example for the younger generation on how to take care of their land, maintain cleanliness, and preserve nature. Moreover, these events foster team spirit,” believes Birlіk Barzhaqsymov, Vice President for General Affairs at “Okzhetpes” JSC.

It should also be noted that starting from April 8, 2024, as part of the “Clean Kazakhstan” ecological campaign, 30 structural divisions of the “Burabay” national park conducted sanitary cleaning of the territories adjacent to the park boundaries. A total of 180 cubic meters of garbage was removed.

By the end of May, approximately 800,000 trees are to be planted in the territories of Akybai, Borovsky, Priozerne, Zolotoborsky, Mirny, and Zhalaіyrsky forestries of the national park. The total area of new forest plantings will be 104.6 hectares. By the end of the year, the national park staff plans to plant a total of 832.2 thousand trees.


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