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Tips from our doctors

The season of colds has begun. The head of the treatment and rehabilitation work of our complex, Laura Kusainova, wants to share with you tips on how to strengthen the immune system in the cold and not get sick.

There are 2 options for solving this issue, for every taste. All methods are effective and proven on myself and my loved ones and my patients.

Non-traditional methods include the mandatory use of vitamins:

Vitamin C at least 1000mg with flavonoids;
Vitamin D3 at least 10 thousand units;
Ascorbic acid, only the dose should be appropriate, we can also get it by eating a decoction of Rosehip, currant, they have the highest concentration of vitamin C

The second method is also effective and has an proof base and is fast, thanks to the policy of our country, free for every resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regardless of the status, it is Vaccination

from seasonal flu, vaccination is currently in full swing, you can contact the polyclinic at the place of attachment to get this vaccine

I wish you all good health! Being healthy is not a luxury, but work and a timely correct approach to a Healthy Lifestyle!

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