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The final filming of the documentary film «QAZAQ history of the golden man» by American film director Oliver Stone took place in Okzhetpes

QAZAQ history of the golden man – this is a documentary about Kazakhstan’s first president, Nursultan Nazarbaev. The film is complement by an eight-episode series.

The producer and interviewer was the master of cinema Oliver Stone, the director of the film Igor Lopatenok, as well as producers Vera Tomilova and Igor Kobzev. The official premiere of the film will be in the fall. The film will also be presented at the Rome Film Festival in October.

The film was shot for 19 months in different parts of the country and one of them is the health complex «Okzhetpes» in Borovoye.

Interesting information: The producer of the film during the filming process fell ill with Covid-19 and suffered very seriously from the disease. After his recovery, he came to our sanatorium for rehabilitation. During the wellness treatment, he simultaneously studied the history of the formation of the sanatorium, therapeutic factors and supplemented the series about «Okzhetpes».

The trailer for the documentary is attached below:


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