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Afternoon tea time!

High tea time is the most favorite time of many of our guests. The procedures are over. We had time to relax. Now you will have a delicious snack!

«Okzhetpes» pays special attention to the menu of our vacationers. Our chefs try to provide all the needs of the body in calories, nutrients and biologically active substances. We have organized a four-day meal regime. Groups that need more frequent meals for medical reasons, additional meals are prescribed by doctors. You can also get an individual consultation from our nutritionist, who will make an effective menu taking into account the peculiarities of the functioning of your body.

The organization of medical nutrition in the LOK «Okzhetpes» is one of the main measures for medical care, as part of the general medical process.

Take care of your health so you can always be in a good mood and well!

* In the photo, rye apple biscuits with cinnamon and walnuts for people with diabetes as prescribed by a doctor.

According to the menu today, we have croissants with cottage cheese for an afternoon snack and a daily intake of kymyz. Bon Appetit!

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