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Thank you for choosing us and entrusting us with the most valuable thing – the health of your parents!

Feedback from our guests:

“After my mother was discharged from the hospital, I have been answering questions about how she was feeling every day. After all, she is almost seventy years old and she has a lot of underlying health conditions, including diabetes. So, hers was a severe case of coronavirus.

Two months after discharge my mother still felt weak and experienced shortness of breath. She did not leave the house, and only occasionally visited her older brother. Obviously, home rehabilitation was insufficient.

We started looking for health resorts that specialize in rehabilitation after a long illness, and the choice fell on @okzhetpes.borovoe health and wellness complex. In my opinion, they have everything we were looking for: from good specialists and modern equipment to the healing properties of the air – everything my mom needed to return to normal life.

I sent my dad with my mom to keep her company: I knew it would benefit his health too. He likes to go to those parts of our country; he takes a stroll every morning, watches the ducks and sends me videos. Take care of your parents. I’ll write the details of the rehabilitation as soon as I get more information myself; after all, the rehabilitation course has just begun!

Alisher Yelikbaev.

A well-known Kazakh PR specialist and entrepreneur.

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