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The medical and health-improving complex “Ok-Jetpes” has 10 active treatment programs. One of them is the wellness program “Anti-stress”.

Our brain processes a huge flow of different information during 24 hours. Sometimes the excess of news makes the person stop perceiving the data and he/she can suddenly get into information stress. At such moments, we want to take time out to reset.


In the sanatorium “Ok-Jetpes” there are unique health programs aimed at solving specific problems and general improvement of patient’s health.

The duration of a complex health-improving program is 10 days.

If you have:

-chronic fatigue syndrome;

-Vegetovascular dystonia;

-Astheno-neurotic syndrome;

Then you just need to go through this program.

After a wellness program:

-Mood improves;

-Improves efficiency;

-Restores the autonomic nervous system;

-Optimization of work of all organs and systems.


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