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Dear medical workers!

JSC “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex congratulates you on your professional holiday and thanks you for taking care of the health of people
around you.

The nation’s health is always one of the priorities of the state’s social and economic strategy. Year after year, the facilities and resources of medical institutions get upgraded, new healthcare facilities open up, and working conditions become significantly better.

We believe that people who devote their lives to this profession are beyond important. In fact, what could be nobler than saving people’s lives – every day? After all, work of a doctor is loaded with responsibility; it is vital, essential for all of us.

When it comes to preserving people’s health, a lot depends on your daily, painstaking work.

On this special day, we wish you joy and happiness, optimism and inexhaustible energy, well-being, lots of love and health – health that you help to preserve.

The sky is the limit! Stay strong in the pursuit of your goals!

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