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The healing properties of the salt caves were discovered by the scientists many centuries ago. While studying this phenomenon, the doctors realized that it was due to the special microclimate generated in the salt caves. A consistent temperature and atmospheric pressure, a particular humidity level and a high concentration of microparticles of salt and negative aeroions in the air contribute to the healing properties of the salt caves.

Since then, for hundreds of years people have been trying to recreate the microclimate of the salt caves artificially in order to use their therapeutic effect in any location, regardless of the climate. They have finally managed to do it – in the last century. And at that time a new direction in medicine emerged – a salt therapy.

Salt therapy takes place in the salt therapy rooms. From the inside these rooms are completely covered with salt blocks; apart from the blocks there are special devices called salt generators which spray salt aerosol to the salt chamber. Salt aerosol has an anti-inflammatory effect, it removes allergens, pathological microorganisms and bacterial flora from the body, dilutes the mucous secretion, improves the immune system response, and soothes the nervous system. Besides, the design of the room itself is very relaxing. So, for example, the salt therapy room in Borovoe in “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex is equipped with cozy armchairs, soft lighting and relaxing background music.

Who is salt therapy good for?

Salt therapy can be used either as an independent treatment or as a complementary treatment. As an independent full-fledged treatment, salt therapy is recommended for people with allergies, maxillary sinusitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, bronchitis and bronchial asthma. As an augment treatment, this therapy may be indicated for people with such conditions as neurosis, hypertension, joint diseases, dermatitis, and radiculitis.

The salt therapy room is absolutely harmless, which means that even pregnant women and young children can use such treatment for purposes of prevention of viral infections. In the salt therapy room in Borovoe in “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex there is a separate room for children with a variety of toys that will entertain them during the treatment. During pregnancy, salt therapy helps to relieve morning sickness.

Usually, the salt therapy course includes 10 to 25 sessions, daily or every other day. Your physician orders the treatment after going over your health history.

Advantages of treatment in the salt therapy room:

  • environmentally friendly;
  • natural;
  • highly effective;
  • no contraindications or side effects;
  • can be easily combined with other types of treatment;
  • has a powerful immune stimulating effect;
  • comfortable procedure;
  • relaxing effect.

There are special rules that should be followed in order to get the maximum effect from visiting the salt therapy room in Borovoe in “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex. You can read the rules before starting treatment or consult with your doctor.

Attention! The first salt therapy sessions can cause complications in people with respiratory diseases, so the procedure must be done under the doctor’s supervision. After several sessions the relief will come, health will improve, and the disease will begin to recede.

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