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The birthday of Astana is a nationwide celebration for every Kazakhstani. The capital has become a cornerstone, a symbol of spiritual upliftment, a guarantor of friendship and integrity for our multiethnic state, embodying great achievements and the realization of the vibrant Kazakhstani dream.

Today, Astana is one of the most beautiful and youngest capitals in the world. It attracts tourists and visitors from various countries and has become a hub for major international events and significant occasions. The unique architectural style of Astana combines the timeless traditions of the East and West, uniting the rich customs and cultures of the Kazakhstani people in a harmonious atmosphere.

Please accept our warmest congratulations on this significant holiday! May our capital thrive, and may the lives of every family be filled with joyful events, prosperity, and complete confidence in the future. We wish you good health, success, and happiness in life!

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