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Promoting national values for the health of the body is the main focus of our sanatorium. In recent years, the sanatorium’s management has been actively implementing the concept of the Kazakh Nomad Resort. In short, a return to our roots.

This year, as part of the “Kazakh Nomad Resort” concept, the sanatorium presents traditional medicine. This includes treatment with natural medicinal herbs, kumis therapy, and relaxation in a yurt. Additionally, every Thursday, hot baursaks are prepared in the ethno-village on the sanatorium’s grounds. A unique attraction for everyone is archery, allowing participants to feel like real hunters and try to hit the target.

“Sanatoriums are located in unique natural settings that allow for relaxation and rejuvenation in nature. Borovoe is situated amidst a spruce forest, historically known for treating patients with bronchopulmonary diseases. People were sent here for tuberculosis treatment using natural factors: spruce air, spruce decoction, and kumis – the pride of Kazakhstan,” noted Yakov Sterligov, president of the “Okzhetpes” health and wellness complex.

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